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toby schneider
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download icon goby2-2.0.3+moos10.tar.gz (md5, sig) Experimental release of 2.0.3 for the new MOOS v10. 21
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
download icon goby2-2.0.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code archive 50
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
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Release notes 

- Addition to DCCL and goby_bridge to allow forwarding of encrypted messages without unencrypting.
- Added Bluefin Comms Driver (for using the SonarDyne Avtrak acoustic modem via the Bluefin NMEA interface: See Bluefin Payload Interface Guid v1.8 dated 04-04-13 and newer.
- For the MOOS translators: TECHNIQUE_FORMAT returns the default field instead of the empty string for unset fields.


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bzr log --line -n0 -r tag:2.0.2..

457: Toby Schneider 2013-05-10 {2.0.3} Incremented version number and release date
456: Toby Schneider 2013-04-30 TECHNIQUE_FORMAT returns the default field value instead of the empty string on fields that are not set
455: Toby Schneider 2013-04-22 Finished initial implementation of Bluefin modem driver for Sonardynae and tested on bench with two modems
454: Toby Schneider 2013-04-12 Start of Bluefin Comms driver for MOOS
453: Toby Schneider 2013-04-10 Cleaned up another case where linebasedcomms connection could be 'active' even if the connection failed
452: Toby Schneider 2013-03-27 Fixed bug in mimic of Micro-Modem ping where ping reports from all vehicles in range were reported
451: Toby Schneider 2013-03-27 Added mimic of Micro-Modem ping command ($CCMPC) into MOOS UFld Driver
450: Toby Schneider 2013-03-18 Fixed bug where segmentation fault would occur on invalid or encrpyted messages (if the wrong crypto key is loaded) messages. Now the behavior is either a DCCLException or a nonsense decoded message
449: Toby Schneider 2013-03-18 {2.0.3~beta1} Release 2.0.3~beta1
448: Toby Schneider 2013-03-14 1. Possible to decode DCCL header without decrypting body; 2. Possible to pass messages through route without decrypting
447: Toby Schneider 2013-02-28 {2.0.2} Incremented version to 2.0.2

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