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Release notes 

= Acomms =
- New IridiumDriver that handles the Iridium RUDICS protocol (phone-c
all style of data transfer)

= MOOS =
- New MOOS application iFrontSeat (and corresponding additions to libgoby_moos) that provide an extensible interface to the low-level control ("frontseat") of an autonomous vehicle
      - Driver for iFrontSeat for the Bluefin 21" and 9" family of vehicles (libgoby_frontseat_bluefin)
      - New drivers can be written outside of Goby and are runtime loaded by iFrontSeat
- libgoby_moos and Goby MOOS applications (pAcommsHandler, iFrontSeat, etc) compile and runs on MOOS 10 (and still supports pre-10 (SVN revision 2376) MOOS)

= PB =
- New application goby_modemdriver that allows provides a ZeroMQ interface to the following Goby ModemDrivers:
      - goby::acomms::MMDriver (WHOI Micro-Modem)
      - goby::pb::PBDriver (store-and-forward driver using ZeroMQ and goby_store_server [SQLite])
      - goby::acomms::UDPDriver (unicast UDP driver)
      - goby::acomms::IridiumDriver (Iridium)
- goby_bridge updated to use goby_modemdriver instead of having the ModemDriver components directly in the application
- goby_file_transfer that works with goby_bridge to allow arbitrary file transfer over a Goby link.


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bzr log --line -n0 -r tag:2.0.4..

534: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Remove Xerces from default dependencies install
533: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Moved more dependencies into Debian install now that they are available in Wheezy (stable)
532: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Switched to default to MOOS10 for MOOS dependency when running DEPENDENCIES script
531: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Fixed proper component disabling when missing GMP library
530: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Changed header on all files to reflect change in license to GPL/LGPL2
529: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Changed license to GPL2 as per MIT open source request in COPYING
528: Toby Schneider 2014-03-19 Removed unused typedef in goby_bridge
527: Toby Schneider 2014-03-19 Added include for abc_frontseat_driver example
526: Toby Schneider 2014-03-19 Fixed double reconnect attempt in Bluefin driver for iFrontSeat
525: Toby Schneider 2014-03-17 Patch removing boost foreach which doesn't play nice with new g++ and protobuf 2.3.0
524: Toby Schneider 2014-03-17 [merge] Merge from DASH ST8a
  520.1.6: Toby Schneider 2014-03-03 1. workaround third-party ACK bug in Micro-Modem firmware; 2. Added name to publish of iFrontSeat status
  520.1.5: Toby Schneider 2014-02-23 Added short wait between Iridium redial attempts
  520.1.4: Toby Schneider 2014-02-23 Added HangingUp and PostDisconnected states to Iridium state machine to clean up series of actions in both of these end-of-call situations
  520.1.3: Toby Schneider 2014-02-22 Added split on commas for MOOS strings in MOOSLiaisonScope
  520.1.2: mituser 2014-02-22 [merge] Merge changes to Iridium Driver for CEER debug message and configurable start up time
    520.2.2: Toby Schneider 2014-02-07 Need to kick Offline before handling Disconnect (because of +CEER)
    520.2.1: Toby Schneider 2014-02-07 Added +CEER extended error message check for Iridium driver
  520.1.1: Toby Schneider 2014-02-22 {2.1.0~beta8} In iFrontSeat Bluefin driver: Changed BPRCB to BPRCE on advice of Patrick Larocque; changed command of 0 speed as 0 rpm to also send 0 pitch and 0 rudder
523: Toby Schneider 2014-03-11 Added check for newer versions of protobuf to add intentional enum aliases to avoid error in protobuf 2.5.0 and newer
522: Toby Schneider 2014-03-11 Removed newest() call from Application
521: Toby Schneider 2014-03-11 Removed newest() call from Protobuf pub sub wrapper since the underlying node doesn't have the call anymore
520: Toby Schneider 2014-02-03 Reduced verbosity of store server send for iridium driver
519: Toby Schneider 2014-02-03 {2.1.0~beta7} Increment version
518: Toby Schneider 2014-02-03 Demoted certain reliability ZMQ messages to a lower debug level to reduce debug file spam
517: Toby Schneider 2014-01-10 [merge] Merge BFSMC support from 87mcmahon
  510.1.1: Jim McMahon 2013-12-13 Added start mission confirm bluefin command
516: Toby Schneider 2013-12-18 Fixed conversion error in NAV_YAW in the iFrontSeat legacy translators.
515: Toby Schneider 2013-12-11 {2.1.0~beta6} Increment version
514: Toby Schneider 2013-11-21 [merge] Merge changes made on DASH-ST6 deep cruise
  513.1.5: Toby Schneider 2013-11-15 Small tweak to Liaison geodesy tab
  513.1.4: Toby Schneider 2013-11-15 More features for new MOOS Geodesy liaison tab
  513.1.3: Toby Schneider 2013-11-14 Updates on frontseat driver documentation
  513.1.2: Toby Schneider 2013-11-13 Minor changes to user manual
  513.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-11-13 1. Changed tes::DynamicMOOSVars to goby::moos::DynamicMOOSVars; 2. More documentation on iFrontSeat
513: Toby Schneider 2013-11-12 [merge] Merge from DASH-ST6 leg 1 - added example frontseat simulator, and updated related documentation
  512.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-11-09 Added ABC example frontseat simulator and corresponding iFrontSeat driver as an example on how to write drivers
512: Toby Schneider 2013-10-31 {2.1.0~beta5} increment version
511: Toby Schneider 2013-10-31 [merge] Ported BFCTL handoff of control from lamss DSOP branch
  509.2.1: Toby Schneider 2013-10-31 Ported BFCTL handoff of control from DSOP branch
510: Toby Schneider 2013-10-30 [merge] Merge from shore node
  509.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-10-30 Various fixes to python PPP/Goby RUDCS forward script
509: Toby Schneider 2013-10-30 Reduced verbosity of ZMQ messages to reduce debug file sizes
508: Toby Schneider 2013-10-29 Added some nice transfer success/failed messages to goby_file_transfer
507: Toby Schneider 2013-10-29 Finalized goby_file_transfer - added Response for each transfer indicating success or failure (with error messages in case of failure)
506: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 {2.1.0~beta4} Increment version
505: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Fixed detection of start of Rudics call
504: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Added missing include
503: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Changed default PPP server to localhost
502: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Minor change to debugging log output
501: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Added python script for multiplexing PPP and Goby on Rudics shore side
500: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Added unique identifier to start of Goby RUDICS call to distinguish it from other protocols (e.g. PPP)
499: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Moved decoding after routing so if decoding fails (e.g. on encrypted message), the routing still takes place
498: Toby Schneider 2013-10-19 Changed enable_testing_asio to only disable running of test if set to OFF (still builds test); added enable_testing_zeromq to work around running test bug in Ubuntu Saucy build machines
497: Toby Schneider 2013-10-18 [merge] Merge changes from DASH-ST6 shallow test
  496.1.5: Toby Schneider 2013-10-17 Added unit test for salinity (from lamss repos)
  496.1.4: Toby Schneider 2013-10-17 Fixed bug causing segmentation fault when the Micro-Modem has a frame count mismatch
  496.1.3: Toby Schneider 2013-10-16 Disallowing sending of uninitialized protobuf message prevents protobuf fatal error from killing application
  496.1.2: Toby Schneider 2013-10-16 Modified headers on seawater calculations
  496.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-10-16 Ported iFrontSeat from lamss project to reside here
496: Toby Schneider 2013-09-27 {2.1.0~beta3} Incremented version
495: Toby Schneider 2013-09-27 Added option to write raw modem log to separate file
494: Toby Schneider 2013-09-27 Resized MACUpdate message to account for new always_initiate field in ModemTransmission message
493: Toby Schneider 2013-09-27 1. Added option to MAC slot to always initiate allowing hybrid centralized/decentralized MAC setups; 2. Added option to set MMDriver silent by changing source ID (so no ACKs are generated for messages sent to it); 3. Added ability to attach one or more drivers to pAcommsHandler that are listeners (receive only)
492: Toby Schneider 2013-09-26 Increased MAC update to 64 byte message, and increased bound on MACUpdate message
491: Toby Schneider 2013-09-25 {2.1.0~beta2} Incremented version
490: Toby Schneider 2013-09-24 1. Fixed bug where Iridium DATA messages sent by the side that didn't originate the first call were not getting ACK'd; 2. In goby_bridge: made sending of CACSTs and RangingReply messages optional, and made NetworkAck generation only enabled for given source Modem Ids;
489: Toby Schneider 2013-09-24 Fixed bug in Queue when using pass through messages (to allow encrypted messages to be routed without unencryptied) in conjunction with non-encrypted message(s) that caused the non-encrpyted message(s) to be lost.
488: Toby Schneider 2013-09-23 Removed unneeded load_dccl_message from goby_bridge; fixed bug where two messages with the same ID could be queued without the second being validated (and thus catching that there were two messages with the same ID)
487: Toby Schneider 2013-09-19 Fixed minor compile failure for lucid build
486: Toby Schneider 2013-09-19 Added in goby_file_transfer for raw point-to-point transfer of files over Goby. Currently only supported using goby_bridge.
485: Toby Schneider 2013-09-16 [merge] {2.1.0~beta1} Merge from 2.0-moos10; Goby2 should now properly build against the original MOOS and MOOS10
  283.1.17: Toby Schneider 2013-09-16 Modifications so that project still builds against old MOOS (pre v10)
  283.1.16: Toby Schneider 2013-09-16 Removed MOOSGeodesy in favor of new shell with same API that makes calls to libproj (PROJ.4)
  283.1.15: Toby Schneider 2013-09-16 [merge] Merge from 2.0
  283.1.14: Toby Schneider 2013-09-12 Fix header for MOOS 10
  283.1.13: Toby Schneider 2013-09-12 [merge] Merged 2.0.3 from mainline
  283.1.12: Toby Schneider 2013-03-27 [merge] Merge from 2.0
  283.1.11: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] merge from 2.0
  283.1.10: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] merge from 2.0
  283.1.9: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] Merge from 2.0
  283.1.8: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] merge from 2.0
  283.1.7: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] Merge bug fix from 2.0
  283.1.6: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 Compiles against the new MOOS
  283.1.5: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] Merged from 2.0
  283.1.4: Toby Schneider 2012-03-18 [merge] merge from 2.0
  283.1.3: Toby Schneider 2012-03-15 [merge] merge from 2.0
484: Toby Schneider 2013-09-06 Moved glog output for Iridium driver when talking to goby_rudics_shore to ZMQ group to unclutter modemdriver group for AT commands
483: Toby Schneider 2013-09-06 Changes to IridiumDriver: Reset hangup timeout at the start of a call; do not make a call if not data to send
482: Toby Schneider 2013-09-06 Changed native_handle() to native() to allow IridiumDriver to compile on older versions of boost::asio
481: Toby Schneider 2013-09-06 Added DTR toggle for serial connection hangups; Changed boost::remove_if to std::remove_if
480: Toby Schneider 2013-09-05 Shore side mobile-originated calls working with ATDuck simulator
479: Toby Schneider 2013-09-04 Moved Iridium driver into PB library to allow us to use ZMQ and PB node functionality
478: Toby Schneider 2013-09-04 Working unit test for mobile-terminated rudics call
477: Toby Schneider 2013-09-04 Started Iridium RUDICS shore side server; changed to omit more problem characters from RUDICS protocol
476: Toby Schneider 2013-09-03 Progress on Iridium driver: changes to DriverBase - if modem is inactive, do not block waiting for it to become active, TCP reconnect configurable, startup() and shutdown() should block in driver until complete (or fail throwing exception); changes to IridiumDriver - increased timeout on retry for long events such as dial, many minor changes to state machine
475: Toby Schneider 2013-08-26 [merge] Switched to boost::statechart for finite state machine representation of Hayes DTE (for Iridium Driver)
  474.1.3: Toby Schneider 2013-08-26 Added code to prevent integer overflows on huge time differences (related to using MOOS timewarp)
  474.1.2: Toby Schneider 2013-08-26 Passes IridiumDriver1 test with ATduck emulator (with new FSM code)
  474.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-08-26 In progress work to FSM model
474: Toby Schneider 2013-08-23 Initially basic working connection and data passing with Iridium Driver using ATduck emulator
473: Toby Schneider 2013-08-23 Created shared driver_tester code for various modem driver tests to share
472: Toby Schneider 2013-08-13 Added subdirectory for iridium driver test
471: Toby Schneider 2013-08-13 Added arbitrary base conversion for base256 <--> base255 conversions
470: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 Fixed bug when group is the null string
469: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 [merge] Merge work on standalone goby_modemdriver binary
  468.1.3: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 Tentatively fully working standalone goby_modemdriver that exposes the C++ API via ZMQ publish/subscribe messages. Update goby_bridge to use new goby_modemdriver and removed ModemDriver module from goby_bridge.
  468.1.2: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 Working string group into Application structure
  468.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 Working string group into Application structure
468: Toby Schneider 2013-08-09 Folder for standalone modem driver
467: Toby Schneider 2013-08-09 Framework for Iridium driver
466: Toby Schneider 2013-08-09 {2.0.4} Updated moos_goby_liaison script to use exec to avoid problems when killing the shell script doesn't kill the goby_liaison process

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