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Release notes 

= Acomms =
- MOSH Client allowing support for the MOSH shell (mosh.mit.edu) over Goby. Requires use of a patched version of MOSH available at https://github.com/tsaubergine/mosh/tree/mosh-goby
- Fixes to goby_file_transfer
- DCCL ModemDriverStatus message reports status of a given driver
- Support for the WHOI Micro-Modem Flexible Data Protocol (FDP)


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bzr log --line -n0 -r tag:2.0.5..

546: Toby Schneider 2014-07-31 Support for the Micro-Modem 2 FDP
545: Toby Schneider 2014-06-15 Added ability to reuse database for goby_store_server
544: Toby Schneider 2014-06-10 Replaced couts with glog in goby_mosh_relay
543: Toby Schneider 2014-05-12 {2.0.6~rc2} Increment version
542: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 [merge] Merge changes including bug fixes and ModemDriverStatus message
  541.1.6: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Fixed bug where DriverBase keep adding repeated writes to the raw log file if it was restarted
  541.1.5: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Added keep-alive (NVRAM status query) to detect if the modem has disappeared (e.g. power failure, etc.)
  541.1.4: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Added functionality to goby_bridge to queue ModemDriverStatus
  541.1.3: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Improved error reporting messages from TCPClient
  541.1.2: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Fixed bug in PULL file transfers that terminated transfer before completed if the TransferReponse message was received before the last fragment
  541.1.1: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Added functionality to base_convert to preserve zeros at the most significant end, e.g. 002 in base10 becomes 0010 in base2, which then stays 002 when back to base10; we need this because encoded values can end in necessary zeros
541: Toby Schneider 2014-05-06 Added ModemDriverStatus message and related code to fill it out in goby_modemdriver
540: Toby Schneider 2014-05-06 Fixed bugs allowing DriverBase to properly reset itself and changed ModemDriver application to handle exceptions from the DriverBase and derived class, then reset the driver after a delay
539: Toby Schneider 2014-04-08 {2.0.6~rc1} Initially working MOSH relay over Goby UDP driver (at 320 bytes/sec)
538: Toby Schneider 2014-04-08 1. Reworked application_base run() method to take the configuration object as an argument (instead of requiring that the Application class have a static configuration object (this was causing problems properly constructing the protobuf configuration for some compilers). Changed all derived applications to use this new structure. 2. Started framework for mosh relay client
537: Toby Schneider 2014-04-01 {2.0.5} Release 2.0.5

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