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2.1 series Focus of Development
Latest releases: 2.1.1
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: 1 Not started

Goby 2 that uses the standalone release of DCCL 3: https://launchpad.net/dccl

2.0 series Active Development
Bugs targeted: 3 New, 1 Won't Fix, 13 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: 3 Implemented

Second major release of Goby containing revamped DCCL (based on Google Protocol buffers), simplified AMAC, and MMDriver that supports nearly all the features of the WHOI Micro-Modem.

1.1 series Current Stable Release
Latest releases: 1.1.3, 1.1.2, 1.1.1, 1.1.0
Bugs targeted: 1 Won't Fix, 1 Fix Committed, 6 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: None

The 1.1 series is the preferred stable release branch of goby. Ubuntu packages are available in this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~goby-dev/+archive/ppa/

1.0 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 1.0.3, 1.0.2, 1.0.1
Blueprints targeted: 1 Implemented

The 1.0 series is the first stable release branch of goby. Generally you should use the 1.1 series (lp:goby/1.1) which is API compatible.

0.0 series Supported
Latest releases: 0.1
Bugs targeted: 1 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: None

The 0.0 represents the old state of goby before reworking the internals and pAcommsHandler configuration to use Google Protocol Buffers. Users should migrate to 1.0 as soon as feasible, but 0.0 is left to maintain backwards compatibility.

trunk series Obsolete
Blueprints targeted: None

The "trunk" series represents the primary line of development rather than a stable release branch. This is sometimes also called MAIN or HEAD.

16 of 6 results