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GOK is a framework for enabling access to the GNOME application set by disabled individuals, using any of a number of input technologies.

GOK aims to enable users to control their computer without having to rely on a standard keyboard or mouse. Many individuals have limited voluntary movements and must control the computer using alternative input methods. These input methods may be controlled by actions such as blowing and sipping to activate a pneumatic switch, an eye blink and/or directed gaze with an eye tracking system, head movement, muscle contractions or limb movements.

Using innovative dynamic keyboard strategies, and leveraging Gnome 2's built-in accessibility framework, the GOK will make control more efficient for these users, and enable use of the Gnome 2 desktop for some users who otherwise would have no access to Gnome. With the right hardware support and the GOK these individuals will have full access to applications that support the AT SPI, and therefore, full access to the functionality these applications provide.

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