Gourmet Recipe Manager 0.17.0 released!

Written for Gourmet by Bernhard Reiter on 2014-02-28

In an effort to stick to my release cycle of six months, I'm happy to release version 0.17.0 of Gourmet Recipe Manager, which is also first to include a Windows version since 0.15.4. This release is meant to end the long intervals between Windows releases, as the code base and build chain required for producing them should now be stable enough to release Windows versions with every new release.
Please note that downloads are now exclusively at https://github.com/thinkle/gourmet/releases.

#### Windows Version Notes

Note that while getting to this point did require some work, the Windows version isn't quite perfect yet; most notably, as the PDF display library we're using on Linux isn't available on Windows, we require Adobe Reader to be installed in order to be able to print recipes (which are exported as PDF beforehand). "Proper" printing from the Windows version is still one of the the top priorities for the upcoming releases; if you want to help out, take a look at issue #708. Moreover, the spell check and python shell plugins also still don't work on Windows, and have thus been removed from the Windows version.

Gourmet versions older than 0.16.0 (the ones with the recipe box icon) present on your system aren't automatically uninstalled by the new installer, but you should be able to safely remove them via the control panel after trying out the new version. (Same goes for the GTK+ runtime, if you had only installed it for an older version of Gourmet.)

#### Changes and Fixes since 0.16.1

* #731, #76 -- use [cx_Freeze](http://cx-freeze.sourceforge.net/) for freezing the executable on Windows and building an installer instead of py2exe and NSIS.
* #332 and #333 -- batch editor fixes.
* #335 -- when de-activating Browse Recipes plugin, remove its tab.
* #683 -- replace deprecated optparse with argparse.
* Add donation buttons to the About dialog so you can give us money if you feel like it ;-)
* Remove some legacy, duplicate, and/or obsolete code.
* Lots of minor bug fixes.

Thanks to @sappjw, @jraber and @Lyra2108 for their contributions!

Note that because of the fix to #683, Gourmet now requires Python 2.7, while 2.6 won't work anymore.

--Bernhard Reiter (@ockham)

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