Graphite 0.9 series

The 0.9 series includes all pre-1.0 releases.

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Graphite Admins
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is not the focus of development.
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Code for this series

The following branch has been registered as the mainline branch for this release series:

1116 revisions.

You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:graphite/0.9

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Milestones and releases

16 of 6 results
Version Expected Released Summary
Graphite 0.9.10 2012-05-01 Bugs targeted: 1 Won't Fix, 64 Fix Released
Graphite 0.9.9 2011-10-06
Graphite 0.9.8 2011-04-03
Graphite 0.9.7 2011-01-08
Graphite 0.9.6 2010-02-20
Graphite 0.9.5 2010-01-01 Bugs targeted: 2 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: 1 Implemented
16 of 6 results
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