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A python module to help quickly grasp the structure of unfamiliar objects and modules. It's most powerful in when used as part of an interactive Python shell such as IPython, but can also be used in Python programs.

A set of python functions to help with interactive object inspection
and discovery.

These help one grok, grasp, or get the gist of running code. They're
most useful in the context of an interactive IPython session, but can
be used in any Python shell. They're also helpful in the debugger.
They produce output that can be parsed programmatically if you find
that useful.

There are basically three functions provided:
 * gist -- object inspection
 * rtype -- recursive type, deep object inspection
 * apropos -- deep search for things with a given name, value, etc.

Development branches are available here. Download releases from the PyPI page:

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Greg Novak
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