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Piotr Ożarowski
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download icon griffith-0.11.tar.xz (md5, sig) source 175
last downloaded 45 weeks ago
download icon griffith-0.11-win32.exe (md5) Windows installer 51,419
last downloaded 24 hours ago
download icon griffith_0.11-1_all.deb (md5, sig) Debian Squeeze package 1,050
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download icon griffith_0.11-1~bpo50+1_all.deb (md5, sig) Debian Lenny package 777
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download icon griffith-0.11.tar.gz (md5, sig) source 1,596
last downloaded 54 weeks ago
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Release notes 

* Griffith extensions feature added. You can add your own extensions in
* New extensions:
   - Amazon
   - Mark as seen
   - Player
   - Remover
   - MoviePosterDB
* New import plugins:
   - All My Movies
   - Barret Enterprise Software The Movie Library
   - DVD Profiler
   - eXtreme Movie Manager
   - Fox Movie Manager
   - GCstar
   - MovieTrack
   - MyDVDs
   - Personal Video Database
   - The Movie Library
   - wintoolz Filmdatenbank
* Few posters related fixes (updating, cleaning, etc.)
* FilmAffinity and Amazon movie plugins updated
  (Amazon access works only with a separate Amazon Account since 15th August 2009
   because Amazon changed access rules significantly. Everyone who wants to use it has
   to be registered here:
   The Access Key and the Secret Key have to be entered in the configuration of griffith.)
* Reconnect with MySQL servers once an hour (can be configured via pool_recycle
  config option)
* Display a popup message during database upgrades


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2010-01-09 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Replace "Aspect ratio" field with "Resolution" (aspect ratio is hidden
   for now)
 * MyMoviesIt movie plugin updated (thanks to FiloSottile)

2010-01-06 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Some cleanups

2010-01-05 Michael Jahn
 * save and restore sorting column in main list
 * updated movie plugin Stopklatka

2010-01-04 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Add Croatian translation (thanks to Davor I and nafterburner)

2010-01-04 Michael Jahn
 * add MoviePosterDB extension (supports fetching posters)

2010-01-03 Michael Jahn
 * added column header row and some more columns to the basic CSV export
 * added support of adding new collections, volumes, medium and vcodecs while importing data
   (regards different import plugins)
 * added support for fields screenplay, cameraman and barcode to the CSV import plugin

2010-01-01 Michael Jahn
 * [#501526] Error in export GCStar/DVDProfilerXMLExportV2/3
 * updated movie plugin Allocine

2009-12-28 Michael Jahn
 * updated movie plugin Allocine, Amazon, FilmDb
 * updated import plugin CSV
   (optional auto-detect dialect settings, fixed pre-selection of encoding)

2009-12-23 Michael Jahn
 * updated movie plugin Cinematografo

2009-12-22 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Fix few spelling mistakes (thanks to Sean Cass)
 * Version changed to 0.11

2009-12-21 Michael Jahn
 * updated movie plugin, Cinematografo

2009-12-20 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Add "Extensions toolbar" menu item

2009-12-15 Michael Jahn
 * new import plugin: MovieTrack

2009-12-12 Michael Jahn
 * new import plugins: All My Movies, BES The Movie Library, Fox Movie Manager, MyDVDs, The Movie Library
   (all MS Access / Jet DB based)
 * cleanup import sections of other import plugins

2009-12-08 Michael Jahn
 * [#486258] no refresh when a filter is active
 * [#418911] It doesn't import cover art from FilmAffinity
 * movie plugin test data updated

2009-12-01 Michael Jahn
 * re-introducing a debug window on windows platforms (activated via --debug)

2009-11-22 Michael Jahn
 * wintoolz Filmdatenbank import plugin added
 * [#480380] Extensions: Amazon and Remover

2009-11-18 Michael Jahn
 * fixed some issues with the functions "new db" and "restore db"
 * [#480366] ImportError: No module named extensions

2009-11-17 Michael Jahn
 * load and save of extensions preferences
 * [#484385] Export to XML: no image filename exported to XML-File

2009-11-10 Michael Jahn
 * updated movie plugins Allocine and FilmAffinity

2009-11-06 Michael Jahn
 * Personal Video Database import plugin added
 * fixed amazon binding (generation of signed urls added but
   every user needs an amazon account for the access key and secret key)

2009-10-16 Michael Jahn
 * eXtreme Movie Manager import plugin added
 * import support for movie detail video codec
 * "Remover" extensions removes associated tags and languages
   before removing the movie entry

2009-10-13 Michael Jahn
 * support for posters for import plugins GCstar and AMC
 * [#410362] AMC importer doesn't import cover pictures

2009-10-07 Michael Jahn
 * DVD Profiler import plugin added
 * very small update for AMC import plugin (medium typ)
 * import base class: support for looking up medium types and adding tags,
   barcode, cameraman, screenplay
 * import stabilized with try-except and error message box

2009-09-30 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Change log format

2009-09-29 Michael Jahn
 * GCstar import plugin added

2009-09-26 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Display popup message during database upgrades

2009-09-25 Michael Jahn
 * Amazon movie plugin updated

2009-09-14 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Add "Remover" extension (removes selected movies)

2009-09-02 Michael Jahn
 * [#336855] Error being reported saving posters
   cleanup of generating thumbnail versions of the images
   and filenames for default image/thumbnail

2009-08-28 Piotr Ożarowski
 * [Bug 420462] --clean fixed

2009-08-26 Michael Jahn
 * [#418911] It doesn't import cover art from FilmAffinity

2009-08-20 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Add pool_recycle parameter in config file and set the default to 1 hour
   (SQLAlchemy will recycle MySQL connections after given number of seconds
   of inactivity - fixes "MySQL server has gone away" issue)

2009-08-18 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Fix update_movie() to actually load the image

2009-08-13 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Add 'Mark as seen' extension
 * Allow PNG images to be used as toolbar icons by extensions
 * gutils.question now returns True or False

2009-08-12 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Remove Amazon stuff from preferences window
 * Region 2 and 4 names shorten (to fit in preferences window)
 * Show tabs on the left side of preferences window
 * Show extension settings in preferences

2009-08-11 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Add Player extension

2009-08-09 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Version changed to 0.11~svn
 * Initial structure for extensions created
   + ~/.griffith/lib/extensions can be used for user's extensions
 * Amazon posters feature converted to Griffith extension

2 blueprints and 2 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Griffith extensions Griffith extensions 3 Medium Piotr Ożarowski  11 Implemented
More import plugins More import plugins 1 Undefined   11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
501595 #501595 Trying to get a big poster from Amazon do not work 4 Medium Michael  10 Fix Released
502271 #502271 Data download from does no longer work 4 Medium Michael  10 Fix Released
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