Griffith 0.9.6

mainly a bug fix release

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Piotr Ożarowski
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* Distribute local copy of SQLAlchemy 0.3.11 (Griffith 0.10 which will work with SQLAlchemy 0.4.x is not ready yet)
* Updated movie plugins: AniDb, FilmeVonAZ,, OFDb, Stopklatka, Zelluloid
* Translation changes:
  + new: Estonian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Occitan (post 1500), Pashto, Slovak
  + updated: almost all :-)
* Quick filter for volumes
* Added columns genre, seen, runtime and year to the mainlist
* See ChangeLog for more changes


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2008-01-27 Michael Jahn
 * Zelluloid plugin updated

2008-01-27 Piotr Ożarowski
 * AniDB and Stopklatka movie plugins updated

2008-01-26 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Translators tab (about dialog) filled in automatically

2008-01-13 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Distribute local copy of SQLAlchemy 0.3.11 (Griffith 0.10 which will work with SQLAlchemy 0.4.x is not ready yet)
 * Version changed to 0.9.6
 * Update .desktop file to Desktop Entry Specification's version 1.0

2008-01-10 Michael Jahn
 * OFDb plugin updated

2008-01-06 Michael Jahn
 * fixed pdf export with non-ascii characters [#174463]

2007-12-08 Vasco Nunes
 * Danish language file updated

2007-12-07 Vasco Nunes
 * Spanish language file updated

2007-11-30 Michael Jahn
 * HTML export supports video codec name
 * quick filter for volumes
 * export plugins remember the last directory which was used

2007-11-29 Vasco Nunes
 * Russian language file updated

2007-11-28 Michael Jahn
 * [#164966] deactivating spellchecker option in preferences dialog disables the depending elements

2007-11-22 Michael Jahn
 * added columns genre, seen, runtime and year to the mainlist
 * enabled reorderable columns
 * column order is saved

2007-11-12 Michael Jahn
 * plugin updated
 * fixed pdf export with non-ascii characters in filenames and data
 * pdf export supports sort column from configuration

2007-11-08 Michael Jahn
 * status bar shows count of movies after applying a filter
 * changed HTML export:
   + exported poster file names contain the movie number instead of the random name
   + movies without a poster get the griffith picture

2007-10-15 Michael Jahn
 * plugin updated
 * Fetch from Amazon function fixed

2007-09-20 Vasco Nunes
 * Italian language file updated

2007-09-06 Vasco Nunes
 * Berlios task [#003126] complete. Griffith's dir should point to 'Application Data' on windows systems.

2007-09-06 Michael Jahn
 * save window state, position and size on windows systems
 * save selected quick filter criteria
 * fixed backup if path or filename contains special characters (like german umlauts)
 * use deflate for backup if available
 * added auto-test feature for movie plugins (only used by developers; execute directly)
 * FilmeVonAZ and OFDb plugin updated
 * fixed saving media and vcodec defaults in preferences dialog

2007-09-03 Vasco Nunes
 * Some documentations updates

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