Griffith 0.9.7

mainly a bug fix release

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Piotr Ożarowski
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Release notes 

* Fixed fetching posters from Amazon
* Updated movie plugins: DVDEmpire, Filmtipset, Filmweb, OFDb, Zelluloid
* Update export plugins: HTML, PDF
* Translation changes:
  + new: Latvian, Ukrainian
  + updated: bg, ca, da, de, el, es, fr, it, nb, pt, pt_BR, ru, sv, tr
* Few quick filter combos added (advanced search function not ready yet)
* See ChangeLog for more changes


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2008-07-21 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Fixed HTML export plugin (sorting issue)
 * Amazon posters - don't fail if LargeImage attribute is not set
 * Filmweb movie plugin updated (thanks to mariusz2806)
 * Added Latvian translation (thanks to Aleksandrs Zdancuks)
 * Added Ukrainian translation (thanks to vazaz)
 * Updated translations: bg, ca, da, de, el, es, fr, it, nb, pt, pt_BR, ru, sv, tr
 * Version changed to 0.9.7

2008-07-18 Michael Jahn
 * added User-Agent support, because some web sites doesn't like the Python urllib default
 * updated Zelluloid plugin
 * support for accents in titles for searching if plugin needs it (Zelluloid needs german umlauts)

2008-07-17 Michael Jahn
 * updated OFDb plugin
 * added column rating to the mainlist
 * [#226269] default folders hardcoded (not fully fixed)

2008-07-13 Michael Jahn
 * updated DVDEmpire plugin
 * [#236598] scroll bar in filter "by volume" appears
 * fixed loan label in main view if html entities are used in the name of a person

2008-07-11 Michael Jahn
 * added quick filter for tags
 * [#244676] Griffith loses focus

2008-07-10 Michael Jahn
 * updated Filmtipset plugin

2008-05-09 Michael Jahn
 * added cast, genre and grouping by first letter to pdf export (thanks to Luigi Pantano)

2008-05-08 Michael Jahn
 * updated DVD Empire plugin

2008-04-25 Michael Jahn
 * fixed fetching posters from Amazon

2008-04-13 Michael Jahn
 * updated OFDb plugin

2008-04-01 Michael Jahn
 * fixed html export if sorted by collection, media, video codec or volume

2008-03-22 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Python>=2.4's xml module compatibility added

2008-03-15 Michael Jahn
 * quick filter for loaned-to

2008-03-04 Vasco Nunes
 * Serbian language file updated (thanks to Sasa Petrovic)
 * Portuguese language file updated

2008-02-18 Piotr Ożarowski
 * Filmweb movie plugin updated (thanks to Mariusz)
 * Windows 64 bit is not detected correctly

2008-02-12 Michael Jahn
 * fixed selecting of quick filter volume and collection in main view

2008-02-11 Vasco Nunes
 * Added serbian language file (thanks to Sasa Petrovic)

2008-02-09 Michael Jahn
 * sort collection list and volume list by name

2008-02-03 Michael Jahn
 * hit enter key in title/original title box starts retrieving data from web for a new entry
 * HTML export: replace linebreaks with
 in the data if "XHTML 1.0" is found in the template header

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