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Getting Things GNOME! Legacy ppa

Written for GTG by Parin Porecha on 2014-02-18

Hi all,

Some good news -

Huxuan had ported GTG to gtk3 and python3 as his Summer of Code '13 project.
We recently merged his work with GTG trunk. There are a couple of minor bugs which we are currently patching, and after the code cleanup is over, we'll release GTG 0.3.2

Because of this merge, users who are running GTG in Ubuntu 12.04 and previous versions are facing problems in installing GTG via gtg-daily ppa.
The port also contains certain gtk3 functions which do not work with the version shipped with 12.04
Therefore, we have create a legacy ppa of GTG for all the users who are facing configuration issues with Python3 and GTK3 -

The legacy ppa contains GTG 0.3.1, and liblarch 2.2 with revisions just prior to the merge. Regular development work won't happen in legacy branches, however feature additions will be backported :-)

GTG 0.3.2 onwards will be released for Ubuntu 13.04 and newer versions.

GTG 0.3.1 "Back Again!" is out !

Written for GTG by Parin Porecha on 2013-11-25

After about 12 months of very active development, the GTG team is proud to
announce the release of Getting Things GNOME! 0.3.1!

This version is packed with an amazing amount of bug fixes and many novelties!
The goal with 0.3.1 was to refactor several of it’s existing functionalities and improve the codebase. A lot of time was spent on improving the plugins. In the process we have fixed lots of bugs and have made a few feature enhancements!

What's new in 0.3.1?

Here's an (incomplete) list of changes:

  - Fixed Hamster Plugin: The Hamster plugin which was used to start a GTG Task as a Hamster activity was not working for some time. It has been fixed. Now tasks can be started in Hamster and they can also be stopped from GTG itself. When a task is closed or deleted, it’s corresponding hamster activity will be stopped.
  - GTGOnline!: Parin Porecha started developing a web application for GTG (currently it is named GTGOnline!) as a part of his Google Summer of Code 2013 project [2]. It is up and running [3]. It not only supports the current features of GTG, but also Task Sharing! You can now add users to groups and share your tasks with them ! He has also written a synchronization backend to sync tasks and tags with GTGOnline!
  - Port to python3 and gtk3: Xuan Hu ported GTG to python3 and gtk3 as a part of his Google Summer of Code 2013 project [4]. His branch [5] is almost stable and is currently being tested
  - PEP8ification of the codebase: There were more than 10,000 PEP8 errors in the codebase which have now been removed.
  - New task keyboard shortcut: Working on another application and need to create a task ?
Now it is possible via a keyboard shortcut. Configure it in the settings, and on pressing the shortcut, new task editor will open up !
  - Translations: all translations were updated
  - Stability: we've fixed many bugs causing crashes during this release.
  - Various other fixes:
      - Updated and improved plugins: notification area icon, urgency color,
        export, ...
      - 7 new feature enhancements

You can see the complete list of changes in our CHANGELOG:

The GTG developer team would like to thank and congratulate all the great people
which contributed to this version. You did an amazing work! Thanks also to our
many new contributors which joined us during this development cycle!

What's next?

Xuan Hu ported GTG to python3 and GTK3 as a part of his GSoC project. He has done a great job, and his branch is almost stable.
During the next months, we plan to test his branch and fix the remaining bugs so that it can be merged for release 0.3.2
Porting to GTK3 has also paved the way for upcoming redesign of GTG [6]!

We also have many other projects in the pipeline, most notably:

 - collaborative task management, a project which has been started by
   Izidor Matusov during Google Summer of Code 2012 [10].
 - Testing and merging GTGOnline! synchronization backend [3] with the trunk.

About Getting Things GNOME!

GTG is a personal task organizer for the GNOME desktop inspired by the Getting
Things Done (GTD) methodology. GTG is designed with flexibility, adaptability,
and ease of use in mind so it can be used as more than just GTD software.

GTG is intended to help you track everything you need to do and need to know,
from small tasks to large projects.


 [1] Screenshots:
 [2] Parin Porecha’s GSoC (web application for Getting Things Gnome!):
 [3] Parin Porecha’s GTGOnline! sync backend branch:
 [3] Link to GTG’s web application (GTGOnline!):
 [4] Xuan Hu’s GSoC (Porting GTG and Liblarch to Gtk3 and Python3):
 [5] Xuan Hu’s python3 and gtk3 port branch:
 [6] GTG design page:
 [7] The project's blog:
 [8] The project's page on launchpad:
 [9] The project's page on the GNOME wiki:
 [10] Izidor Matusov's GSoC (collaborative GTG):

Announcing GTG 0.3!

Written for GTG by Bertrand Rousseau on 2012-11-06

After about 9 months of very active development, the GTG team is proud to announce the release of Getting Things GNOME! 0.3!

This version is packed with an amazing amount of bug fixes and many novelties! The goal with 0.3 was to get GTG back on its feet after more than a year of working on the internal plumbing. We also fixed many bugs in the process. We can now say that this goal has been reached, and then some!

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"Hiring" & Spring hackathon (backends)

Written for GTG by Izidor Matušov on 2012-03-05

I have several announcements to make. Firstly, we are looking for a new Fedora package maintainer for GTG. According to [1], there is nobody who will package GTG for Fedora. Do you want to install GTG as a standard package on Fedora? Just say hello to us or Fedora community!

We are still looking for a communication manager. You would update GTG's blog about the new features, take screenshots, communicate with developers and users. If you want to contribute to GTG but you don't know or don't want to program, it's ideal for you! Tell us if you are interested.

The next thing I would like to announce is Spring hackathon! After successful Fall hackathon [2], I would like to ask you to take a part on the next one. The goal will be to write many new backends and have fun by contributing to GTG. You are welcome if you can code or you want to cheer others up. Please, invite your friends who would like to contribute to GTG.

The procedure is the same as the last time. Fill doodle [3] with your name and launchpad nick and the list of days you are available. The hackathon should be on a weekend day in April or May -- it is enough time for you to don't have any other plans for the date of hackathon. Doodle will be open until next Monday, 2012-03-12 and afterwards announced the date of hackathon. Hackathon will take place on our IRC channel (#gtg at GimpNET)



GTG 0.2.9 "Don't open that! It's an alien planet!"

Written for GTG by Izidor Matušov on 2012-02-13

After a long time, GTG 0.2.9 is released. This version is an unstable preview of GTG 0.3. Read announcement on our blog for more info.

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