Getting Things GNOME! 0.1 series

0.1 will be the first public release of GTG. We should focus on having a website with documentation on how to use, on how to contribute (documentation about the code structure) and we must have a debian package in a PPA to ensure easy test/installation.

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Getting Things GNOME!
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Gtg developers
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Version Expected Released Summary
Getting Things GNOME! 0.1.2 2009-06-26 2009-07-08
Getting Things GNOME! 0.1.1 2009-04-03 2009-04-03 First bunch of fixes and patches from the community + translation infrastructure
Getting Things GNOME! 0.1 2009-03-06 2009-03-01 code that should go to the 0.1 release Release candidate for the first releas...
13 of 3 results
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Latest version is 0.1.2
released on 2009-07-08

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