Gweled it's alive!

Written for Gweled by Daniele Napolitano on 2021-09-30

Hi everybody, I don't know who reads anymore news here on Launchpad. Anyway... I restarted the development of Gweled, porting the UI to Gtk3 (maybe 4) and Clutter for the graphics.

Until now Gweled compiles with Gtk3, shows the interface with headerbar UI, but with the main game and scores disabled.

Here a screenshot:

The next steps are to implement the Clutter canvas for the game and new scores handling (by user, not system wide).

I will upload the first code on git soon.

If the new version will be too much difficult to be done, I will release the current development version still based on Gtk2 which contain a lot of fixes, mostly the sound management.

Stay tuned!

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