Gweled 1.0

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Daniele Napolitano
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1 Daniele Napolitano
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9 Fix Committed

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download icon gweled-1.0-alpha.tar.xz (md5) 1.0 alpha release 337
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Release notes 

Almos full rewrite of the graphic part!

    * Ported to Gtk3
    * Sound migrated to GSound
    * Graphics implemented with Clutter
    * Hiscores implemented with libgnome-games-support (saved per user, not globally)
    * Settings saved with GSettings
    * Dynamic tile size according to window size (not anymore fixed small, medium big)
    * In game text drawed with Pango and fully translatable
    * Removed all the raster graphics
    * New gems effects
    * Use of GtkHeaderBar for most actions and settings included into main buger menu
    * Removed Autonomus (1997, by Skaven/FC) background music, probably copyrighted
    * Ported to Meson build system
    * Some bugfixes
    * Lots of new/updated translations

  Known bugs:
    * Some alignments give incorrect points
    * Auto alignments after user one are usually slow to trigger
    * No custom messages if your score is not in the first 10 ones

   * gtk3 >=3.20
   * clutter >= 1.20
   * clutter-gtk >= 1.8
   * gsound >= 1.0.3
   * libgnome-games-support >= 1.8

To compile:
   meson build
   ninja -C build
   ninja -C build install


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1 blueprint and 9 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Migrate rendering to Cairo and be GTK+ 3 compatible Migrate rendering to Cairo and be GTK+ 3 compatible 4 High   11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
688796 #688796 georgian symbols missing --> rendered fonts 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
779458 #779458 Endless and timed mode seems to be working like normal one 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
1273156 #1273156 No sound on Ubuntu 13.10 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
1322917 #1322917 Please create an AppData file 5 Low Daniele Napolitano  9 Fix Committed
1674174 #1674174 Endless Games are not endless 1 Undecided   9 Fix Committed
1831825 #1831825 crashes when trying to disable sound effects 1 Undecided   9 Fix Committed
1850082 #1850082 2 bugs: Quit fails if didn't win; Help>About does nothing. 1 Undecided   9 Fix Committed
1881066 #1881066 There are no moves available but a hint is shown. 1 Undecided   9 Fix Committed
1943605 #1943605 Not enough room for initial game mode text 1 Undecided   9 Fix Committed
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