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download icon gwibber-2.91.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Gwibber 2.91.0 211
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    - Shouldn't display reply icon for messages from you (LP: #661330)
    - Private messages shouldn't allow public replies (LP: #661358)
    - Private messages shouldn't allow retweets (LP: #661359)
    - Don't clear multi-column streams when activated by the messaging
      indicator (LP: #643487)
    - Save window size/position when it changes, so it doesn't get moved
      unexpectedly when activated by the messaging indicator (LP: #614345)
    - Split gwibber-service backends into plugins so they can be optional
    - gwibber-service will now look for plugins in multiple paths
      * $GWIBBER_PLUGIN_DIR, ~/.local/share/gwibber/plugins,
        /usr/local/share/gwibber/plugins, /usr/share/gwibber/plugins
    - Don't traceback if you attempt to delete an account when there is
      no account selected (LP: #663948)
    - Fixed dupe notifications as well as displaying dupes in the stream
    - Plugins can now return tuples of errors instead of messages, which
      signals the client to display the failure in an Infobar
    - Remove all db access from the client, move all the logic to the service
    - Add appindicator support, to get quicklists if using Unity
    - Use counters in the messaging menu for unseen messages, replies and
      private messages
    - Fix for gwibber-poster man page from Kartik Mistry (LP: #638824)
    - New gwibber-accounts man page from Kartik Mistry (LP: #638824)
    - Clear input entry and account target bar on ESC (LP: #555689)
    - Client will display the infobar with retry, edit account, and clear
    - gwibber-accounts: added infobar to display errors passed in from
      the client
    - gwibber-service-statusnet - ported to use oauth1.0a
    - gwibber-service-identica - ported to use oauth1.0a

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
663378 #663378 replying to a @message in the indicator messes up the multicolumn display 4 Medium Ken VanDine  10 Fix Released
665538 #665538 Improve error messages system 4 Medium Ken VanDine  10 Fix Released
643487 #643487 Opening multi-column gwibber from the messaging menu removes all columns but Replies 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
663948 #663948 Gwibber throws an error if you hit delete button when no accounts are added 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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