Haguichi 1.3.8 Released

Written for Haguichi by Stephen Brandt on 2017-09-23

Haguichi 1.3.8 has been brewed to provide some nice layout improvements and other updates:

* Sidebar contents are now vertically scrollable and the action buttons have been moved to a bottom fixed action bar.
* Pending attach requests are displayed more clearly and can now be canceled.
* Added support for pcmanfm-qt and qterminal.
* Added right click menu to empty network list with options "Join Network..." and "Create Network...".
* Optimized network list parsing regular expressions for increased performance and speed.
* Improved init system detection for systemctl by checking if the logmein-hamachi service unit is found or not.
* Fixed crash that could occur when attaching the client to an account.
* Ported the build system from CMake to Meson.
* Updated Asturian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Kazakh, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian translations.
* Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

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