Haguichi 1.4.0 Released

Written for Haguichi by Stephen Brandt on 2018-05-10

Haguichi 1.4.0 has washed ashore carrying bulk of new features and updates:

* Implemented shortcuts window for GTK+ version 3.20 and later.
* Revamped preferences dialog using stack, list box and switch widgets.
* Integrated appindicator as build option and added accompanying switch to preferences dialog.
* Added dark theme switch to preferences dialog (only available when client side decorations are used).
* Added Suru application icons for Ubuntu (big thanks to Sam Hewitt).
* Tweaked sidebar content alignment and margins.
* Improved window position and size handling.
* Improved modal dialog management.
* Improved compatibility with GTK+ 3.20 and 3.22.
* Fixed crash that could occur when adding a network while the network list was being filtered.
* Now using stylesheets to implement theme specific tweaks and fixes.
* Now using the RDNN com.github.ztefn.haguichi for .desktop files, GSettings schema and D-Bus name.
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian translations.
* Bumped minimum required versions of Vala (0.30), GLib (2.48) and GTK+ (3.18).
* Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

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