Haguichi 1.4.1 Released

Written for Haguichi by Stephen Brandt on 2018-11-07

Haguichi 1.4.1 has embarked on a great journey packing the following changes:

* Initialization is now completely multi-threaded.
* Now using a thread pool for determining network ownership and retrieving long nicks.
* Made improvements to configuring and restarting the Hamachi service (fixes issue #16).
* Made network properties extraction more robust.
* Added wingpanel integration as build option.
* Added support for io.elementary.files and io.elementary.terminal.
* Added support for using the Delete key to trigger delete, leave and evict actions.
* Custom command buttons and menu items that don't use the %A address variable are not shown greyed out anymore for members that are offline.
* Client side decorations are now used on LXQt desktops.
* Updated elementary stylesheets for Juno release.
* Added specific application icons for elementary OS.
* Node icons are now included as resources instead of installed into hicolor icon theme.
* Suru icons for Ubuntu are now installed in /usr/share/icons/Yaru.
* AppData XML and .desktop files are now completely translatable (fixes bug #1753846).
* Updated Asturian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian translations.
* Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

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