Haguichi 1.0.11 Released

Written for Haguichi by Stephen Brandt on 2011-08-27

Haguichi 1.0.11 just fell from the sky to bring you the following:

* Added support for the address format changes introduced in Hamachi version (Fixes bug #831922).
* Information dialog labels are now shown dimmed, colonless and right aligned.
* Added messagebar to attach dialog to replace error dialogs.
* Attaching to account process is now threaded.
* Made sudo command detection cleaner and faster (Fixes bug #802191).
* Added gksu and beesu as detectable sudo command.
* Added user friendly message for gksu and gksudo password dialogs.
* Removed confirmation dialog before running tuncfg.
* Updated ubuntu-mono-dark and ubuntu-mono-light panel icons to match the new style.
* Added complete Bulgarian translations (thanks to Dimitar Dimitrov).
* Other minor improvements and optimizations.

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