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Hanso GTK Theme v0.7

Written for Hanso Theme by James Schriver on 2010-02-01

This a redux of the original version of Hanso utilizing several of the new murrine options if the current engine including new arrowstyle, border_shades, border_colors, comboboxstyle, gradient_colors, prelight_shade, shadow_shades, spinbuttonstyle, textstyle, trough_shades, reliefstyle, and stepperstyle. There is a small issue with the Firefox bookmarks toolbars with the dark style that I currently working on. This theme will require murrine from git master packaged here :



As always enjoy and report any issues in preparation for Lucid.

Updated on 2010-02-01.

Hanso GTK Theme v0.6 Released

Written for Hanso Theme by James Schriver on 2009-10-12

Final polish added for Karmic Koala 9.10 RC. A large number of bug fixes since initial testing which should account for a great experience in usability leaving your Ubuntu Desktop modern and refreshed.

Hanso GTK Theme v0.4.4

Written for Hanso Theme by James Schriver on 2009-09-28

Added some Karmic polish on the latest release in preparation for beta-testing. HansoLight was added. Theme is now feature complete with minimal bugs. This theme should feel very comfortable on the eyes over a prolonged period. Most of the dull elements from previous releases have been removed. Enjoy the richness and shine of a truly brown and elegant theme.

Hanso GTK Theme v0.4.2

Written for Hanso Theme by James Schriver on 2009-09-24

Minor enhancements along with some bug fixes. This theme should integrate better with the overall feel of the new Ubuntu look. The washed out brown selected_bg was made darker and richer to give the theme a bit of warmth. Gradients were toned down a notch and scrollbars are now drawn with the murrine engine for better custimization.

Updated on 2009-09-25.

Hanso GTK Theme v0.4

Written for Hanso Theme by James Schriver on 2009-09-07

New release of the Hanso GTK Theme. This verison represents numerous bug fixes and usablity issues from our first wide spread testing phase prior to Karmic Alpha 5. A majority of bugs were resolved in this release. This release includes new metacity button icons, enhancements to unfocused metacity text, nautilus-location fixes, and an overall polish from v0.3. I again thank the many users who contributed their bug reports and feedback making this a truly unique and usable theme.

Updated on 2009-09-09.

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