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Hanso GTK Theme v0.3

Written for Hanso Theme by James Schriver on 2009-08-26

The evolutionary development of the community Hanso theme can be evidenced in this third iteration of the theme. Many improvements since 0.2 including a newly re-written metacity based off NewWave. Hanos will strive to remain unique. modern, and fresh while at the same time retention to usablity is key. The theme should have a certain shine and be easy on the user's eyes over time.

Updated on 2009-08-27.

Hanso GTK Theme v0.2

Written for Hanso Theme by James Schriver on 2009-06-23

2nd iteration in my quest for an original, dark, theme that fits the Ubuntu Desktop seemlessly. Many fixes and improvements since 0.1 including most evident new dimensional scrollbars that integrate much better within the theme. New color base for a new unique look.

Updated on 2009-08-28.

Hanso GTK Theme v0.1

Written for Hanso Theme by James Schriver on 2009-06-01

I proudly present the first official Launchpad release of the Ubuntu Hanso Theme. The theme has been on GNOME-Look for some time and generated over 6000 downloads in just over a month. Enjoy as always and please feel free to file bugs and request enhancements.

Updated on 2009-08-28.

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