Registered 2010-08-04 by Duncan McGreggor
This project group is for all community-based Launchpad projects whose focus is such things in the field of human-computer interaction as multi-touch.

Feel free to add your project to this group if any of the following are true:
 * is derived from or supports any of the open source multi-touch or touch-related tools such as PyMT or easystroke
 * it makes use of multi-touch technologies such as GEIS, GRAIL, or any of the utouch infrastructure
 * is related to the field of human-computer interaction

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  • Kivy 1.10.1 released on 2018-07-10
    - It's now possible to query Window information with the SDL provider. - SVG ...
  • Kivy 1.10.0 released on 2017-05-08
    Python 2.7 - 3.4 to 3.6 support, new RecycleView and CoverBehavior widget, ne...
  • Kivy 1.0.9 available on 2011-11-14
    Properties available in event dispatcher, new inspector module, and lot of bu...
  • Kivy 1.0.8 available on 2011-10-24
    New virtual keyboard, video and audio support for android platform, accordion...
  • Kivy 1.0.7 available on 2011-07-20
    New widgets, better texture support, more performance, configuration manageme...