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Kivy 1.10.1 released

Written for Kivy by tshirtman on 2018-07-10

- It's now possible to query Window information with the SDL provider.
- SVG support improvements.
- Export_to_png now preserves widget's alpha.
- It's now possible to define a custom comparison for properties, to manage dispatching better.
- Layouts' add_widget method now accept the `canvas` argument that `Widget`'s does.
- Fix for infamous SDL window issue on Linux.
- `disabled` property of widget now restores the previous value of disabled of children on unset.
- The tuio implementation now uses the new `oscpy` library instead of the bundled oscAPI module, this solves a lot of issues with python3 and massively increase performances. The old OSC package is still shipped, but will be removed in future releases.
- On Linux, probesysfs input detection doesn't depend on getconf anymore,which makes it more portable.

and a lot more, see https://kivy.org/#changelog

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Kivy 1.10.0 released

Written for Kivy by Mathieu Virbel on 2017-05-08

Python 2.7 - 3.4 to 3.6 support, new RecycleView and CoverBehavior widget, new graphics backend with support for Direct3D via ANGLE on windows, and many more!

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Kivy 1.0.9 available

Written for Kivy by Mathieu Virbel on 2011-11-14

Properties available in event dispatcher, new inspector module, and lot of bugfixes.

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Kivy 1.0.8 available

Written for Kivy by Mathieu Virbel on 2011-10-24

New virtual keyboard, video and audio support for android platform, accordion widget, progressbar widget, mousewheel support for scrollview... and much more !

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Kivy 1.0.7 available

Written for Kivy by Mathieu Virbel on 2011-07-20

New widgets, better texture support, more performance, configuration management available !

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