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Heroes of Wesnoth 0.1.2 is out!

Written for Heroes of Wesnoth by Jon Ander Peñalba on 2009-09-03

Almost a year has passed since the last release, but today I want to publish what will probably be the last version of Heroes of Wesnoth. The game isn't quite fun yet, but I'm happy with most of the code (that's actually all except the menu :P). There are lots of changes since the last release so I haven't bothered to write a changelog. Most of the code has been rewritten and some new stuff has been added.

I've only been able to create a Linux binary because I don't have any machine with Windows, but compiling should be fairly simple in any operating system.

I would like to dedicate this release to Patricia Ruiz who has been next to me all this time, I wouldn't have been able to do anything without her. I'll always be here for you baby :P

Hope you enjoy the release.

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Heroes of Wesnoth 0.1.1!

Written for Heroes of Wesnoth by Jon Ander Peñalba on 2008-09-12

Wow! Long time with no news… sorry for that. Anyhow, here you have version 0.1.1. It’s just for showing how development is progressing towards version 0.2.

The list of changes is quite impressive (see changelog) but the most noticeable will probably be the addition of the editor, not fully functional yet (you have to set the map’s size before compilation) but it gives a good idea of how it will work.

Hope you enjoy the release.

Heroes of Wesnoth at Free Gamer

Written for Heroes of Wesnoth by Jon Ander Peñalba on 2008-06-04

The one-year-old, made-for-university, one-man game project Heroes of Wesnoth has a new release. There’s not much to see yet and it’s not the first and certainly not the last HoMM clone but I wish it the best of luck. Whatever it will turn out to be, at least it will have great Battle for Wesnoth art. :)

This ( is the first review I’ve seen of the game and it certainly motivates me to continue working (not that I wasn’t going to do so, but it’s kind of rewarding). These days I’m coping with exams so I’m not coding much, but I’ll soon get back to work.

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Heroes of Wesnoth 0.1 released!

Written for Heroes of Wesnoth by Jon Ander Peñalba on 2008-05-18

After a year since I began coding Heroes of Wesnoth version 0.1 is released. This version is more like a way of trying the engine than a real game, so don’t expect it to be really playable.

The development hasn’t been as active as it should have but I’ll try to change that so that the next release is available as soon as possible. There’s still lot of work to do before we have a game similar to Heroes of Might and Magic (castles, enemy heros, magic… ) but we’ll keep on working on it.

Hope you enjoy the release.

University Project

Written for Heroes of Wesnoth by Jon Ander Peñalba on 2008-03-06

These are quite good news. Heroes of Wesnoth has been accepted as an university project for this year.

The project has to be “finished” by the 19th of May. I’ve said “finished” because it’s impossible for this game to be done by that date, but we’ll have to give in something playable, so this will push the game’s development quite a bit.

The project is supposed to be done in group so I’ll hopefully have someone helping me, but we’ll have to get going because we only have two months left. I’ll inform you of the final mark of the project ;-)

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