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New Release (featuring ppa)

Written for Hexwars by Patrik Schönfeldt on 2012-01-23

Hexwars 0.3 has was released last week featuring some new features including ranged combat and an editor. Today it is finally available for all users of Ubuntu (Oneiric) as a Debian package. So no more compiling, etc. is needed. Just add "ppa:fighting-bytes/current" to your sources and you are ready to go!

PS: Sadly there is no build of Allegro 5 for Ubuntu yet, so this deb-release uses the fallback to Allegro 4.

Released AAA

Written for Hexwars by Patrik Schönfeldt on 2011-02-03

I just finished “Advance Alpha Advanced”, the AAA release. This is a minor update with focus on package building and users that want to install the game.

Alpha 2 released

Written for Hexwars by Patrik Schönfeldt on 2011-01-10

Hexwars Alpha 2 («Advanced Alpha») has just been released. It is the first release with support for multiple-user-machines: Config files will be saved in your home directory. Furthermoreit is now possible to play hexwars only using the keyboard (no mouse needed): Just hit the Numpad for giving orders, arrow keys are used to navigate trough the menu.

The next targets are
- making the game installable (get rid of hardcoded paths and filenames) and to offer a package to install.
- making controlls customizable.

Added new alpha release

Written for Hexwars by Patrik Schönfeldt on 2010-08-03

Hexwars will have a new alpha1, codenamed “Early Effects”. The “Punchy Preview” release has been postponed and will be alpha2 now. This change allows us to decide the contents of “Punchy Preview” on a reliable basis. (We will actually be able to play alpha1 on the Punchy Preview summit.)

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