Hexwars 0.3 "Geistiges Geschütz"

targeted features:
- improved cpu load
- ranged combat
- “fake” savegames

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Geistiges Geschütz
Patrik Schönfeldt
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1 Patrik Schönfeldt
2 Beta Available
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Release notes 

* optimized CPU usage
* included "fake" savegames
* included ranged combat
* included healing
* fixed various bugs


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This new release brings a bunch of gameplay changes: It makes the magician more usefull: It now generates one "spirit" each round, that can be fired on an opponent, heal your unit or be used as a usual (very weak) unit. Damage dealtand recieved by Units now depends on their speed and their maximum (when defending) or current (when attacking) health.

Since this is a testing release there is the possibility to edit your current savegame using the built in editor. This uses "fake" savegames that are fresh maps in fact, so every unit will be fully healed after saving. You may use this feature to test or create various new scenarios. (If you designed one, feel free to hand it in so it can be an official map.)

There is also a good message for notebook users: The CPU usage has been decreased using Allegro 5 instead of Allegro 4.2 as default library for user I/O. Plus: This release is the first that has been optimized using memory usage tests.

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Make magician a ranged combat unit Make magician a ranged combat unit 5 Essential Patrik Schönfeldt  8 Beta Available
Make Allegro 5 the only dependency Make Allegro 5 the only dependency 1 Undefined   8 Beta Available
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