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An command-line program for generating heightfields for use as landscapes or other surfaces in a computer-generated image. It can generate, manipulate, display, load and save heightfields.

NOTE: This project is not updated on Launchpad. Newer versions are available at the author's homepage (

Heightfields are manipulated with a series of mathematical operations. A simple scripting language is also provided to automate complex operations. The display functions are greyscale previews only; it is intended that a raytracer such as the freeware POV-Ray be used to generate the final output image. Runs on Unix/Linux and DOS (the DOS version can run under Windows XP and earlier, or in an emulator such as DOSBox).

This program was developed between 1995 and 1997, and updated in modern times, by John P. Beale. In 2010, I found the source code and managed to get it to compile for Linux and DOS, and my updates are available on Launchpad. However, John Beale independently updated the software from 2012 onwards, and his version should be considered authoritative.

Source and binary downloads are available on the right (obsolete). Windows users should use the DOS version. Debian/Ubuntu users can add the HF-Lab PPA for automatic downloads and updates:

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