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A software that implement the book:
Hisn Al Muslim
Min Athkar Al Kitaab Was Sunnah
by Sa'eed Al Qahtani

A software that contains Invocations from the Qur'an & Sunnah. Translation of Hisnul-Muslim. (aka 'Citadel of the Believer').This is a very beautiful booklet consists of many authentic Dua's (supplications) for a Muslim to supplicate on a daily basis and on special occasions.
This project consist of developing a software in which we put the content of this book: The Arabic Text, Translation in many languages, Transliterations and Audio. Adiia (plural of Duaa) are organized topic wise, theme wise and alphabetical wise and easy to read/listen in electronic format.
The user choose the Duaa, he see the Arabic text, the Transliterations, the translation in the language he want (from a list of existing translations) and a button to click on if he would like to listen to the audio file with the option of repeat for "n" times if he would like to learn Duaa.

There is many web sites from which we can get materials (most of them are free), for example:

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