Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
hockeypuck backlog trunk None not yet released Backlog of bugs and features
hockeypuck 1.0-rc1 trunk None
hockeypuck 2.0-b2 trunk 2015-04-26 not yet released
hockeypuck 1.0-rc2 trunk 2014-04-11
hockeypuck 1.0 "bitquantum of solace" trunk 2013-10-01 SKS interop still highest priority, development depending on
hockeypuck 1.0-b2 trunk 2013-09-24
hockeypuck 0.9 "ringer" trunk 2013-02-14 Additional minor fixes in preparation for raring freeze date.
hockeypuck 0.8.1 trunk 2013-01-22
hockeypuck 0.8 "reciprocal dart board" trunk 2013-01-03 Focus on SKS reconciliation.
hockeypuck 0.7 "finite-field-of-dreams" trunk 2012-12-13
hockeypuck 0.6 "Running Man" trunk 2012-11-15 Bugfixes and stabilization of public site
hockeypuck 0.5 trunk 2012-10-31 Hardening and refinement toward a minimum-viable SKS replacement, suitable fo...
hockeypuck 0.1 trunk 2012-08-31 Initial early development of the server.