hockeypuck 0.5

Hardening and refinement toward a minimum-viable SKS replacement, suitable for early adopters.

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6 Casey Marshall
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hockeypuck (0.5~rc1) precise; urgency=low

  [ Casey Marshall ]
  * cmd/hockeypuck/main.go, debian/control, errors.go, mgo/worker.go,
    mgo/worker_test.go, pq/worker.go, pq/worker_test.go, === removed
    directory pq, types.go,
    mgo/merge.go, mgo/rw.go, mgo/types.go:
    - Significant progress on mongo worker.
    - Removed postgres worker.
    - op=index, op=vindex support.
    - Split packages into smaller source files.
  * cmd/hockeypuck/main.go, mgo/worker.go:
    - Add -load option to hockeypuck main.
  * cmd/hockeypuck/main.go, mgo/rw.go, mgo/worker.go:
    - Add some simple logging. LP: #1040376
    - Skip unsupported public key and signature packets. This allows loading
      subsequent supported keys from the packet stream.
    - Skip signatures with nil IssuerKeyId (wat). LP: #1044772
  * debian/control, debian/rules, Makefile:
  * === added directory man, === added directory man/man1,
    debian/control, debian/rules, Makefile, man/man1/hockeypuck.1:
    - Add manpage. Trying to fix recommends in control file.
    - Makefile now cleans the binary before making source package, to
      make sure the PPA builder recompiles it.
    - Add Makefile srcclean target.
  * hkp_types.go, merge.go, mgo/merge.go, mgo/rw.go, mgo/types.go,
    mgo/worker.go, mgo/worker_test.go, pgp.go, pgp_types.go, types.go:
    - Refactoring: pull non-Mongo-specific code up to top-level hockeypuck
  * mgo/worker.go:
    - Minimum viable machine readable search output.
  * cmd/hockeypuck/main.go, mgo/worker.go, mgo/worker_test.go, pgp.go,
    pgp_types.go, responses.go, worker.go:
    - Refactor common worker logic and responses out of mongo worker.
  * === added directory cmd/hockeypuck-load, cmd/hockeypuck-
    load/main.go, cmd/hockeypuck/main.go, errors.go, Makefile, pgp.go,
    pgp_types.go, worker.go:
    - Replace inline loader option with separate loader that does hkp adds.
    - Make number of workers configurable, default to number of cpus.
    - Worker.Start use generic chan interface{} for the stop channel,
      now creates and returns it.
    - Add some doc comments.
  * === added directory cmd/hockeypuck-mgo, cmd/hockeypuck/main.go,
    cmd/hockeypuck-mgo/main.go, debian/rules, Makefile,
    man/man1/hockeypuck.1, man/man1/hockeypuck-mgo.1, mgo/worker.go, ===
    removed directory cmd/hockeypuck:
    - Rename hockeypuck to hockeypuck-mgo.
    - Add mongo indexes on short and key IDs.
  * === added directory cmd/hockeypuck-pq, === added directory pq,
    cmd/hockeypuck-pq/main.go, pq/worker.go:
    - Add postgres worker, hockeypuck command variant.
  * === added directory www, === added directory www/css, === added
    directory www/templates, === added directory www/templates/index,
    === added directory www/templates/pks, cmd/hockeypuck-mgo/main.go,
    debian/rules, errors.go, responses.go, server.go, templates.go,
    www/css/reset.css, www/templates/footer.tmpl,
    www/templates/header.tmpl, www/templates/head.tmpl,
    www/templates/index/search_form.tmpl, www/templates/layout.tmpl,
    - Add HTML UI, landing page, search form. Using go's html/template
      package. Add toucan css reset.
  * === added directory cli, cli/cli.go, cmd/hockeypuck-mgo/main.go,
    cmd/hockeypuck-pq/main.go, Makefile, pq/worker.go:
    - Fixed several bugs in pq worker sql, logic in creating indexes.
    - Updated Makefile to use static pattern rule, slurp in pq deps.
    - Refactor common command-line flags to cli/cli.go.
  * debian/control, debian/postinst, debian/postrm, etc/init/hockeypuck-
    - Add upstart config, postinst to set up hockeypuck user, log dirs.

 -- Casey Marshall <email address hidden> Wed, 31 Oct 2012 00:10:27 -0500

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1040376 #1040376 Needs Logging 3 High Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
1044772 #1044772 Hardening for hockeypuck.mgo.LoadKeys 3 High Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
1049998 #1049998 gpg --search-keys does not seem to work with hockeypuck 3 High Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
1044778 #1044778 Install hockeypuck system service 4 Medium Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
1044779 #1044779 Public demo server 4 Medium Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
1044776 #1044776 Templating library, extensibility for HTML output 5 Low Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
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