hockeypuck 0.7 "finite-field-of-dreams"

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Casey Marshall
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5 Casey Marshall
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download icon hockeypuck-0.7-windows-amd64.tar.gz (md5, sig) Windows, 64-bit 13
last downloaded 85 weeks ago
download icon hockeypuck-0.7-windows-386.tar.gz (md5, sig) Windows, 32-bit 14
last downloaded 86 weeks ago
download icon hockeypuck-0.7-linux-amd64.tar.gz (md5, sig) Linux, 64-bit 13
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
download icon hockeypuck-0.7-linux-386.tar.gz (md5, sig) Linux, 32-bit 13
last downloaded 86 weeks ago
download icon hockeypuck-0.7-freebsd-amd64.tar.gz (md5, sig) FreeBSD, 64-bit 15
last downloaded 81 weeks ago
download icon hockeypuck-0.7-freebsd-386.tar.gz (md5, sig) FreeBSD, 32-bit 11
last downloaded 86 weeks ago
download icon hockeypuck-0.7-darwin-amd64.tar.gz (md5, sig) Mac OS X, 64-bit 13
last downloaded 31 weeks ago
download icon hockeypuck-0.7-darwin-386.tar.gz (md5, sig) Mac OS X, 32-bit 15
last downloaded 46 weeks ago
Total downloads: 107

Release notes 

New & Notable features in Hockeypuck 0.7:

- Add form
Add a key by pasting the armor into a web form.

- PKS mail synchronization
Synchronize keys with other keyservers using the PKS mail protocol. ADD and INCREMENTAL commands are supported.

- Status page
Display general server information and statistics on new and updated keys with op=status, similar to SKS and GnuKS.

- QR codes & Images
User attribute packets containing images are now displayed on the search result index page. QR code representation displayed for public key fingerprints.

- Cross-compiling build
Binary tarballs are now built for all Go target platforms on each release.

- Configuration file
Hockeypuck can be configured with /etc/hockeypuck/hockeypuck.conf, rather than setting all the options on the command line.


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  * mgo/worker.go:
    - Fix keyword query iteration. Need to keep allocating new PubKeys,
      was overwriting the same one in the iter loop.
      LP: #1073786
  * cmd/hockeypuck-load/main.go, pgp_types.go, responses.go,
    - Display user attribute image subpacket in index templates. LP: #1044773
  * responses.go, www/templates/pks/index.tmpl:
    - Display QR code of public key fingerprint. LP: #1074552
  * www/css/hkp.css, www/templates/header.tmpl:
    - Make logo heading a link.
  * debian/mkdists, debian/rules, Makefile:
    - Remove hockeypuck-pq from binary packages, its not ready for that.
    - Add helper script for slinging multi-distro source packages.
  * cmd/hockeypuck-load/main.go:
    - Add hockeypuck -mail-add option for receiving PKS inbound keys.
      LP: #1075379
  * debian/rules, Makefile:
    - Use the binary targets to get dependencies, use go install
      to build them into local gopath/bin. Simplifies Makefile.
  * mgo/worker.go, pq/worker.go, responses.go, server.go, templates.go,
    worker.go, www/templates/header.tmpl:
    - Create form to add pasted key armor. LP: #1076841
    - /pks/add produces an HTML page confirming added key fingerprints.
    - Clean up ws, cruft.
  * mgo/worker.go, pgp_types.go:
    - Add Ctime & Mtime for status page. LP: #1075391
  * === added directory etc/hockeypuck, cli/cli.go, cmd/hockeypuck-
    mgo/main.go, debian/rules, etc/hockeypuck/hockeypuck.conf,
    - Parse configuration file on startup, sets default values for
      flags. Added to package install. LP: #1040384

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1075379 #1075379 PKS Mail Protocol 3 High Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
1075391 #1075391 SKS/GnuKS style status page 3 High Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
1083061 #1083061 Keep cumulative digest of all packets for a given fingerprint, only update mtime when it changes 4 Medium Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
1086192 #1086192 Cross-compiling build 4 Medium Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
1087855 #1087855 Contribute go.crypto changes back 4 Medium Casey Marshall  10 Fix Released
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