OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) 2012.1.1

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OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Mark McLoughlin
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1 Gabriel Hurley, 1 Mark McLoughlin, 1 Paul McMillan, 6 Registry Administrators, 1 Tres Henry
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download icon horizon-2012.1.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Horizon 2012.1.1 release 190
last downloaded 19 weeks ago
Total downloads: 190

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This is Horizon 2012.1.1 release.


This release does not have a changelog.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
977944 #977944 refreshing in log viewer interprets html and javascript 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
978896 #978896 session fixation vulnerability 2 Critical Paul McMillan  10 Fix Released
981252 #981252 Image list truncates at 25 items 2 Critical Registry Administrators  10 Fix Released
985844 #985844 image overview has title "instance overview" 3 High Registry Administrators  10 Fix Released
988633 #988633 Editing an image makes it public 3 High Tres Henry  10 Fix Released
994297 #994297 uses internal urls instead of public 3 High Mark McLoughlin  10 Fix Released
973836 #973836 ImportError handling in override mechanism is broken 4 Medium Gabriel Hurley  10 Fix Released
974916 #974916 Instance name not shown on attached volume table row 4 Medium Registry Administrators  10 Fix Released
994151 #994151 api.base returns a default of internalURL instead of using settings.OPENSTACK_ENDPOINT_TYPE 4 Medium Registry Administrators  10 Fix Released
979417 #979417 Quota names aren't "pretty" 5 Low Registry Administrators  10 Fix Released
997374 #997374 System Panel instance list shows "Image_Snapshot" for status instead of pretty string 5 Low Registry Administrators  10 Fix Released
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