OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) 2014.2.4

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OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Alan Pevec
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1 Alberto Planas, 1 Alexis Rivera, 1 Brant Knudson, 1 David Lyle, 2 Doug Fish, 1 Kevin Benton, 1 Lin Hua Cheng, 2 Matthias Runge, 1 Thomas Bechtold, 1 zhu zhu
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This is Horizon 2014.2.4 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1449260 #1449260 [OSSA 2015-009] Sanitation of metadata label (CVE-2015-3988) 2 Critical Brant Knudson  10 Fix Released
1263665 #1263665 Number of GET requests grows exponentially when multiple rows are being updated in the table 3 High Doug Fish  10 Fix Released
1378558 #1378558 Plugin panel not listed in configured panel group 3 High Thomas Bechtold  10 Fix Released
1388764 #1388764 Horizon fail to load resources usage if ceilometer configured with SSL 3 High zhu zhu   10 Fix Released
1476360 #1476360 stable/juno gate is failing on oslo import 3 High Alexis Rivera  10 Fix Released
1394051 #1394051 Can't display port list on a shared network in "Manage Floating IP Associations" page 4 Medium Kevin Benton  10 Fix Released
1394900 #1394900 cinder disabled, many popups about missing volume service 4 Medium Matthias Runge  10 Fix Released
1398468 #1398468 Unable to terminate instance from Network Topology screen 4 Medium Doug Fish  10 Fix Released
1405049 #1405049 Can't see the router in the network topology page, if neutron l3 agent HA is enabled. 4 Medium David Lyle  10 Fix Released
1441523 #1441523 changing flavor details on running instances will result in errors popping up for users 4 Medium Matthias Runge  10 Fix Released
1453074 #1453074 [OSSA 2015-010] help_text parameter of fields is vulnerable to arbitrary html injection (CVE-2015-3219) 4 Medium Lin Hua Cheng  10 Fix Released
1392316 #1392316 Hypervisors returns TemplateSyntaxError instead of error message 1 Undecided Alberto Planas  10 Fix Released
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