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HotSSH is an interface to Secure Shell, for GNOME and OpenSSH. It intends to be a better experience than simply invoking "ssh" from an existing terminal window.

Features include:
    * Fast search-based interface for new connections
    * Also display and search of local (Avahi) SSH servers
    * Tabbed display with automatic session saving (Firefox style)
    * Status bar with information like latency to server and output of remote uptime
    * Close integration with OpenSSH features like connection sharing
    * NetworkManager integration to easily reconnect after a network change

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Part of:
The Gnome Project
Gabe Gorelick
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GNU GPL v2, MIT / X / Expat Licence

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0.2 series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is 0.2.7
released on 2010-02-09

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