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A simple, very lightweight HTTP server, written in Python.

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HTTPy is a lightweight web server, written in python. It is rather basic, and is not capable of parsing any server-side scripts. It simply serves any page that the client asks for, or returns a 404 error. It is also able to serve non-HTLM items, such as images, programs, and videos.

HTTPy is able to run in two modes: terminal, and daemon. In terminal mode, HTTPy will still log all messages to a text log. You have to disable text logs in the config file to stop this.

HTTPy communicates using HTTP headers, but it currently is only able to send one of three HTTP2 responses to a request: 200 OK, 404 Not Found, or 403 Forbidden.

Some effort was put into preventing directory traversal, but as always, it may still be vulnerable in many ways. You are encouraged to look for vulnerabilities and bugs. If you find any, don't hesitate to report them on HTTPy's bug tracker.

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