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Hugin-2011.2.0_rc3 RELEASE NOTES


Hugin is more than just a panorama stitcher. A new version is available. This is a
release candidate and may be declared a final release in a few days.

Hugin can be found at
* SourceForge:
* Launchpad:


The 2011.2.0_rc3 source tarball can be downloaded

* from SourceForge at

* from Launchpad at

This is a source code release. For executables see below.

This tarball is equivalent to rev/changeset 5491:228a678d3af6 in our Mercurial
repository, where it is also tagged 2011.2.0_rc2

Verify its SHA1SUM
08fa0809bcafbd2dfc5fc73b57286d9052838628 hugin-2011.2.0_rc3.tar.bz2


Users communities produce executables for their respective platforms.

These executables are then added to the download section on SourceForge at

A number of users have built recent snapshots and executables are likely to be
announced within a few days of this tarball release.

Watch for the announcements of binary
releases. If you don't see a binary for your platform it has most likely not
been produced yet. Consider stepping up to the task. Instructions at

Announce your build on


To promote artists using Hugin the project has adopted a user-contributed
artwork to enrich the splash screen of this release.

Read more about the Fafleralp panorama and author/contributor David Haberthür at


Little time has passed since our last release and yet there is new major
functionality. Hugin has received a Python scripting interface and new
lens calibration tool. A critical bug affecting a significant number of
Mac users has been fixed and many general improvements have been made.

_Lens Calibration Tool_

Lenses are designed to follow a perfect geometric model. For rectilinear
lenses, a straight line in the depicted scene should be straight in the
picture. This is not always the case: most lenses have an inherent
deviation from the perfect model, resulting in imperfections such as
pincushion or barrel distortion in rectilinear lenses.

Adherence to the perfect geometric model is desirable for aesthetic purposes
and indespensible to achieve proper alignment when stitching images.
Hugin can calculate lens distortion parameters on the fly when optimizing
a project, however this requires more control points and more computational
effort than a project starting with a calibrated lens, and is prone to more

The new lens calibration tool calculates the distortion parameters of a
lens based on an input image. The input image must contain straight
lines, ideally many of them at different distances from the center of the
lens, covering at least one quadrant of the image. The calculated
parameters are valid for a given combination of focal distance,
aperture (F-stop), and sensor.

The values, saved into a lens profile, can be used in Hugin to achieve
a better stitch, or on single images taken with this lens / settings
combination to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

_Python Scripting Interface_

Hugin now exposes some of its data structure and functionalities through
a Python module. To get started with scripting, start your Python
interpreter and type:

   >>> import hsi
   >>> help (hsi)

Standalone Python programs can access a panorama object with Hugin's
functionality. It is possible to develop complete command line and
even GUI tools based on this module.

The Python Scripting Interface does not work on Mac OSX yet.

_Python Plugin Interface_

Hugin can now run Python scripts inside the application. In an enabled
Hugin binary, a new "Actions" menu gives access to system-wide plugins
distributed with Hugin. Moreover, plugins can be written, modified,
customized in the user's own directory.

Currently there are only a few plugins available, but we expect the
body of available plugins and functionality to grow organically as
the interface is being made available to the general public.

The Python Plugin Interface does not work on Mac OSX yet.

_Other Improvements_

* PTBatcherGUI has matured to become the default processor for
  stitching projects.
* ICC profiles saved in output.
* Support for newer Olympus camera.
* Improved auto cropping.
* New mask type: exclude region from all images shot with the same lens
* Copy&paste of masks in Mask Tab
* Show extent of active masks and crop in Mask Editor
* Fix for critical issue affecting stitching on Mac OS X Leopard.
* Many more improvements and bug fixes.

_Libraries and Build_

The Python interface introduces new dependencies:
* SWIG >2.0
* Python


Upgrading from previous versions of Hugin should be seamless. If you do have
problems with old settings, these can be reset in the Preferences by clicking
'Load defaults'.

It is strongly recommeded to set the default control point detector to
Hugin's CPFind. It is the only control point generator endorsed by Hugin.
Third-party generators may be compatible with the plug-in architecture.


Users compiling from source refer to the dependencies listed at

and the build processes listed at

More information in the README and INSTALL_cmake files in the tarball.


Fast Preview is affected by a threading issue.

Plane overview is wrong if opening fast preview window the first time

Panosphere Overview window seperated from the content

There is a known problem building Hugin with CMake 2.8.5rc2.
Workaround: Upgrade to a newer CMake version.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has been recently introduced by Apple.
Initial reports indicate that it is not compatible with Hugin.
Support will start as soon as possible.

An updated list of issues deemed to be critical, including discussions
and workarounds is in the issue tracker.


Hugin is looking for a new release manager.

The process is documented in detail at

I will keep hanging out on Hugin-PTX and will gladly help the next
release manager transition into the role.


Thanks to all the contributors to this release and members of the hugin-ptx
mailing list, too many to mention here.

Hugin can be found at and at


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2011-08-13 23:08 +0200 Vaclav Cerny <email address hidden> (5974676dfce0) tip

  updated czech translation

  > src/translations/cs_CZ.po

2011-08-07 11:08 +0200 harryvanderwolf <email address hidden> (1841017f2572)

  [OSX] things forgotten when correcting the lens_calibrate_gui to
  correct calibrate_lens_gui

  + mac/calibrate_lens_gui-Info copy.plist
  + mac/
  - mac/lens_calibrate_gui-Info copy.plist
  - mac/

2011-08-06 17:59 +0200 harryvanderwolf <email address hidden> (0a0f61e687e2)

  [OSX] Complete rework of PTBatcherGui call based on patch by Charlie
  Reiman dd. 18-06-2011

  > mac/Hugin.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
  > src/hugin1/base_wx/platform.cpp
  > src/hugin1/base_wx/platform.h
  > src/hugin1/hugin/AssistantPanel.cpp
  > src/hugin1/hugin/PanoPanel.cpp

2011-08-04 19:46 +0200 harryvanderwolf <email address hidden> (f0d4c3e891ad)

  [OSX] Also update the installer to use the correct name and so on

  > mac/HuginCompleteInstaller.pmproj

2011-08-04 19:23 +0200 harryvanderwolf <email address hidden> (59b1575b9d6c)

  [OSX] rename incorrect to correct including all references and usages

  > mac/Hugin.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
  > mac/
  > mac/lens_calibrate_gui-Info copy.plist
  > mac/

2011-07-27 23:18 +0200 Vaclav Cerny <email address hidden> (6973435c5a20)

  Updated Czech translation

  > src/translations/cs_CZ.po

2011-07-27 10:45 -0400 Yuval Levy <email address hidden> (43f8cb0a32ae)

  Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Luís Henrique Camargo

  > src/translations/pt_BR.po

2011-07-27 10:44 -0400 Yuval Levy <email address hidden> (219a244726f4)

  Updated French translation (Jean-Luc Coulon)

  > src/translations/fr.po

2011-07-27 10:43 -0400 Yuval Levy <email address hidden> (5d4c1c40fbb6)

  Updated Hungarian translation (Lajos Höss)

  > src/translations/hu.po

2011-07-27 10:42 -0400 Yuval Levy <email address hidden> (fcf10f92e9ef)

  Updated German translation (Carl von Einem)

  > src/translations/de.po

2011-07-23 18:09 -0400 Yuval Levy <email address hidden> (e53925281c8d)

  plain forgot to set the center for img0 (KFJ)

  > src/hugin_script_interface/plugins/

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