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Hugin is a Panorama stitcher and more. A powerful software package
for creating and processing panoramic images.

A hugin-2010.2.0_rc2 (release candidate 2) tarball is available here:

This is a release candidate, i.e. The final release may be identical.

More information about this release can be found in the full ChangeLog below
and the final release notes:

Summary of changes since 2010.2.0_rc1:

* Updated Russian translation.

* Activate autocrop on all projections.

* Don't override loaded crop factor from project file.

* Fixes incorrect masks in combination with translations parameters.

* Minor GUI, build and packaging fixes.

libpano13-2.9.17 is required, this was released on 10th September 2010.

See README, ChangeLog and INSTALL_cmake for more information.

f0676f28cd3fbebcf4086f55af7cf09566772899 hugin-2010.2.0_rc2.tar.gz

This release is equivalent to hg branch 2010.2 -r 4431:d8ce0ba947cc

A detailed ChangeLog of every commit since 2010.2.0_rc1 follows:


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2010-09-27 tmodes <tmodes>

        * src/hugin_base/panodata/Mask.cpp,
        Fixes incorrect masks in combination with translations parameters

2010-09-26 Bruno Postle <email address hidden>

        * src/foreign/vigra/vigra_impex/CMakeLists.txt:
        Fix -lpthread fix

        * src/foreign/vigra/vigra_impex/CMakeLists.txt:
        explicitly use -lpthread when available, fixes build failure on
        fedora f14

2010-09-25 Bruno Postle <email address hidden>

        * src/translations/ru.po:
        Russian translation update (Alexandre Prokoudine)

2010-09-24 tmodes <tmodes>

        * src/hugin1/hugin/PanoPanel.cpp:
        Enable autocrop for all projections also on pano panel

2010-09-23 tmodes <tmodes>

        * src/hugin1/hugin/GLPreviewFrame.cpp:
        Activate autocrop on all projections

2010-09-19 harryvanderwolf <email address hidden>

        * src/hugin1/hugin/xrc/assistant_panel.xrc:
        set lens type wxchoice pulldown on assistant tab to correct size

2010-09-18 harryvanderwolf <email address hidden>

        * mac/
        [OSX] add enblend and enfuse to script

2010-09-17 tmodes <tmodes>

        * Merged

        * src/hugin_base/panodata/SrcPanoImage.cpp:
        Don't override loaded crop factor from project file

2010-09-15 Bruno Postle <email address hidden>

        * ChangeLog:
        update ChangeLog for likely rc1
        [23e34640f870] [hugin-2010.2.0_rc1]

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