One Hundred Papercuts raring-gtk "GTK+"

Fixing bugs in GTK+ that manifest as paper cuts in individual applications.

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One Hundred Papercuts
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Chris Wilson
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5 Timothy Arceri
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
78510 #78510 filechoosers auto complete selection stolen by clipboard programs 1 Undecided   0 New
924793 #924793 GTK3 file dialogs in Kubuntu using left-handed mouse 1 Undecided   0 New
956855 #956855 GtkFileChooserButton dialog stretched, when user has a really long name saved to bookmark 1 Undecided   0 New
1000274 #1000274 Print to file dialog does not add extension to modified file name 1 Undecided   0 New
33027 #33027 [dapper] tooltip should disappear 1 Undecided   6 Confirmed
387934 #387934 Text selection remains whether or not widget has focus 1 Undecided   6 Confirmed
20276 #20276 CAL shows dates 5 - 14 october 1582 - but they do not exist. 5 Low   7 Triaged
388633 #388633 ComboBox has a big blank area above the position of its control 5 Low   7 Triaged
552920 #552920 Moving diagonally from narrow menu title often opens adjacent menu 5 Low   7 Triaged
1061533 #1061533 In Trash folder, Nautilus misinterprets "\n" in filename as a line break 5 Low Timothy Arceri  10 Fix Released
1079 #1079 .hidden file is not used by file selector 1 Undecided Timothy Arceri  10 Fix Released
304345 #304345 File chooser dialog doesn't provide network access 1 Undecided Timothy Arceri  10 Fix Released
856462 #856462 In installer Bosnian version the buttons "Back", "Quit" are still in English, and it is not possible to edit it in Launchopad 1 Undecided Timothy Arceri  10 Fix Released
896986 #896986 "Copy file's location" menu item in file chooser dialog uses tick mark instead of apostrophe 1 Undecided Timothy Arceri  10 Fix Released
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