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One Hundred Paper Cuts for Maverick Meerkat -- let's make this Ubuntu release really awesome!

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One Hundred Papercuts
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Papercutters, Vish
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One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-10-sc-ftdau "Software Center" 2010-09-01 2010-08-27 Software Center has made it very easy for users to install new applications. ...
One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-9-sc-metadata "Software Center" 2010-08-27 2010-08-27 Software Center has made it very easy for users to install new applications. ...
One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-8-potpourri "miscellaneous" 2010-08-18 2010-08-27 Odds and ends
One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-7-notifications+gtk "Paper Jam: Gtk+ , notify-osd , misc dialogue windows" 2010-08-11 2010-08-27 Fixing gtk+ , priorities in notify-osd and any other vagaries that pop up (ha!)
One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-6-sound+video "Paper Jam: RhythmBox, Totem , Pitivi and more" 2010-08-04 2010-08-27 Movie Player, Rhythmbox, and maybe PiTiVi. These are very solid applications,...
One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-5-photo-management "Paper Jam: Shotwell" 2010-07-28 2010-08-27 Shotwell is shipping by default in Maverick. Let's help it make a great first...
One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-4-potpourri "miscellaneous" 2010-07-21 2010-08-27 Odds and ends
One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-3-social-networking "Paper Jam: Empathy , Gwibber" 2010-07-14 2010-08-27 Empathy and Gwibber made leaps during last release. Lets make social networki...
One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-2-office "Paper Jam: Evolution , gedit &" 2010-07-07 2010-08-27 Evolution , gedit and are amazing applications by themselves, ...
One Hundred Papercuts maverick-round-1-file-management "Paper Jam: Nautilus" 2010-06-30 2010-08-27 Improving the File management user-experience in Nautilus.
110 of 10 results

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