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Hyperic HQ allows sysadmins to monitor and auto-discover all aspects of their web infrastructure - network devices, servers, services and applications. See HQ expand with your network - auto-discovery works both on deployment and also when you add or remove new services and servers.

Hyperic HQ features are packaged in a single, easy-to-deploy solution used by the most demanding data centers in the world. HQ consolidates common management tasks without sacrificing depth of manageability for any technology, enabling you to get better control over your IT infrastructure.

To learn more about how these features work with your organization's technologies, visit

>> Auto-Discover all your software and hardware

    * Accurately model and display the relationships between your hardware, software, and services
    * Detect every aspect of your hardware and software automatically, including memory, CPU, disk and network devices, and version and configuration information
    * Generate events about any change in configuration or key attributes of any managed resource and use it to alert administrators

Monitor every layer of your infrastructure

    * Collect real-time and historical metrics from production hardware, network and application layers of your infrastructure without invasive instrumentation
    * Define intelligent alerts which help you anticipate problems before they cause outages
    * Compare and correlate metrics for different resources with customizable indicator views that help you understand interactions between them

Get an up-to-date view of every resource in your inventory

    * Check the health of your hardware and software resources from a single, easy-to-navigate view
    * Create groups to help manage and measure the health of large environments
    * Chart the last eight hours of key metrics for individual resources or groups to quickly assess the state of your environment

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