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0.8.5 release from the trunk series released 2011-04-18

Release information
Release notes:

* Lots of router console HTML fixes
* i2psnark magnet handling fixes
* SusiMail Translation support by "duck"
* Continuing work on the Arabic translation by "hamada"
* Completion of the French translation by "magma"
* Completion of the Spanish translation by "punkibastardo" and "user"
* Other translation updates
* Better support for text-mode browsers
* Profile display improvements
* Tunnel build request queue limiting
* Require nonce to change console language
* i2psnark improved logging of errors
* i2psnark improved metainfo handling
* Use the reseed server as a backup time source
* Change profile file extension from .dat to .txt.gz
* Change all i2ptunnels to 3 hops for new installs
* Add all bogons to blocklist for new installs
* More efficient use of entropy for padding

File Description Downloads
download icon i2psource_0.8.5.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Source 104
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.8.5.exe (md5, sig) Installer 48
last downloaded 40 weeks ago
Total downloads: 152

0.8.4 release from the trunk series released 2011-03-02

Release information
Release notes:

* Fix a severe memory leak in router I2CP session management that caused router crashes for people running the Robert bittorrent client
* Fix a bug from 0.8.2 that filtered cookies in the HTTP Server tunnel, causing authentication problems for some eepsites
* Several fixes for rare NPEs


* Magnet and "maggot" link support
* Peer Exchange
* Metadata transfer
* Details page enhancements
* Bandwidth limiter improvements
* Bug fixes


* More performance improvements
* Adjustment to peer selection, to hopefully use more of the available network capacity
* Translation updates
* Start of a new Arabic translation by 'hamada'

File Description Downloads
download icon i2psource_0.8.4.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Code Release Tarball 40
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.8.4.exe (md5, sig) Installer File 46
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
Total downloads: 86

0.8.3 release from the trunk series released 2011-01-24

Release information
Release notes:

The 0.8.3 release contains several performance improvements, including reduction of threads and memory usage, and faster I2CP (client-router) communication.

There is also new SSL router console support, a new reseed configuration page including HTTP proxy support for those behind restrictive firewalls, a new I2CP configuration section including I2CP-over-SSL support for remote clients, a new server connection limits and blacklist configuration section for enhanced DoS protection, and a new HTTP proxy jump server configuration section so you may easily add alternative jump servers. Statistics are now limited by default to reduce memory usage; the full set of statistics may be re-enabled on the stats configuration page. There are also bug fixes, of course, so as usual, upgrading is recom...

File Description Downloads
download icon i2psource_0.8.3.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Source 79
last downloaded 16 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.8.3.exe (md5, sig) Installer 25
last downloaded 39 weeks ago
Total downloads: 104

0.8.2 release from the trunk series released 2010-12-23

Release information
Release notes:

The 0.8.2 release includes extensive bug fixes and theme updates in the router and in i2psnark. There are also optimizations to reduce memory usage in i2psnark. The HTTP and SOCKS proxies now support local and remote authorization. Upgrading is recommended.

I2P will be at 27C3 in Berlin the week of the December 27th. Look for the I2P people there and ask for I2P stickers!


Bug Fixes

- Improve I2CP and I2PTunnel error propagation and logging for troubleshooting
- Clean up lots of error messages that weren't really errors
- Fix transport bug with message retries causing IllegalStateExceptions
- Fix bug causing UDP to use too much CPU


- Theme updates
- Home page update
- Covert GETs to POSTs for security
- ".jsp" suffixes no longer required in URLs
- Fix UDP rate display on Peers page
- Stats page improvements
- Improve time representation


- Theme updates, theme selection, new vanilla theme
- Reduction in memory and thread usage
- Convert GETs to POSTs for security
- Files now mode 600
- Lots of bug fixes


- Support reseeding via SSL
- Add SOCKS outproxy support
- Add username/password support for I2CP, HTTP and SOCKS proxies, and outproxies
- Rework of data structure classes in preparation for more caching
- Logging subsystem updates; router log now in local time
- API cleanup by marking more non-API classes package private
- Javadoc updates
- More work on the Debian build scripts by HungryHobo
- New advanced option i2p.insecureFiles=true to disable mode 600
- Save news and addressbook subscription last-fetched times across restarts, so they aren't always fetched right after router start
- Lots of translation updates

File Description Downloads
download icon i2psource_0.8.2.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Source install 39
last downloaded 16 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.8.2.exe (md5, sig) Graphical installer 27
last downloaded 40 weeks ago
Total downloads: 66

0.8.1 release from the trunk series released 2010-11-15

Release information
Release notes:

The 0.8.1 release contains the usual collection of bug fixes and performance tweaks. There is also a new i2psnark theme and several translation updates. Upgrading is recommended.

Please help grow the network. Give the developers feedback on IRC #i2p or forum.i2p2.de and get involved, spread the word, and donate! We are still looking for help on new and existing translations. Please volunteer on IRC #i2p.

Files are available on the download page.

Release details:

1.6 or higher JDK now required to build from source.
1.5 or higher JRE still OK to run I2P.


- Fix eepget redirect bugs
- Fix bug causing GeoIP lookups to stop
- Don't let alternative naming services look up b32 addresses
- Try to prevent firewalled routers from running out of introducers
- Try again to fix i2ptunn...

File Description Downloads
download icon i2psource_0.8.1.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Source install 42
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.8.1.exe (md5, sig) Graphical installer 23
last downloaded 40 weeks ago
Total downloads: 65

0.8 release from the trunk series released 2010-07-15

Release information
Release notes:

In early 2009, shortly after our attendance at 25C3, we released version 0.7 of the I2P Anonymous Network. Over the next 15 releases in 18 months we have worked to improve the usability of the I2P software and increase its performance, security, and reliability - all while dealing with unprecedented growth in the network.

In recognition of these accomplishments, we are declaring the start of the 0.8 series. The 0.8 release is fully compatible with all 0.7.x releases. This release contains several bugfixes, a new Dutch translation, and completion of the German translation. As always, users are encouraged to upgrade.

Some visible highlights of the 0.7.x release series in the last year and a half:

    * Automatically generated Base32 destination names, reducing reliance on host names.

File Description Downloads
download icon i2psource_0.8.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) 0.8 Source Tarball 23
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.8.exe (md5, sig) 0.8 Graphical Installer 26
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 49

0.7.14 (Blockade Runner) release from the trunk series released 2010-06-07

Release information
Release notes:

The 0.7.14 release contains the usual collection of bug fixes and performance tweaks. There are also some i2psnark improvements and more fixes for plugins. Upgrading is recommended.

Release details:

- More bugfixes and improvements to the plugin support introduced in 0.7.12.
- I2PSnark improvements to end game handling, file listings, tunnel configuration, and translations
- Add support for throttling inbound connections in the streaming library
- Add WEBIRC support in IRC server tunnel
- Fix installer for 1.5 Java systems
- Fix bug causing multiple update downloads
- Fix bug where datagrams were not always verified when necessary
- Fix bug forcing SSU introducers when not necessary
- Fix policies for floodfill responses
- Reduce max memory used in byte caches
- Reduce job queue globa...


* 2010-06-07 0.7.14 released

2010-06-07 zzz
    * Misc tweaks after code review

2010-06-05 zzz
    * Netdb:
      - Use new receivedAsReply flag in LeaseSet to mark
        those received as response to a query
      - Mark which methods in FloodfillPeerSelector may return
        our own hash
      - Redefine selectNearest() so it may return our own hash,
        so it can be used for closeness measurement
      - Redefine findNearestRouters() to return Hashes
        instead of RouterInfos
      - Fix LeaseSet response decisions for floodfills, based
        on partial keyspace and closeness measurements
      - List only count of published leasesets in netdb

2010-06-03 zzz
    * NewsFetcher: Delay a minimum amount at startup
    * Update: Fix multiple updates after manually
      starting update - caused by refreshing summary bar
      (thx 'backup'!)

2010-06-02 zzz
    * graphs.jsp: Tag some more
    * Translation: Set xgettext add-comments option
    * UDP: Fix a bug from a blank i2np.udp.host config
      causing frequent RouterInfo updates and incorrect
      addition of introducers, caused by config.jsp handling
    * Update: Change default update URLs to .su2 for pack200

2010-06-01 zzz
    * i2psnark:
      - More listing fixes
      - Revert choker change
      - Start end game a little sooner
    * Installer: Disable pack200 in updater again, doesn't work
      on Java 1.5
    * Remove jetty from updater - it's been in for a few
      releases, and i2psnark now has its own listHTML method

2010-05-27 zzz
    * Translate: Add GNU ngettext (plurals) support

2010-05-26 zzz
    * i2psnark: Listing fixes and cleanups;
      icons on front page; tweak bw choker again

2010-05-24 zzz
    * i2psnark: Listing icons and cleanups

2010-05-23 welterde
    * core:
      - fixed major security hole in DatagramDissector
    * I2PTunnelServer: Implemented WEBIRC support in IRC server tunnel

2010-05-23 zzz
    * i2psnark:
      - Choke slower when at bandwidth limit
      - Fix completion % for small files
      - Use Random from context
    * NewsFetcher:
      - Add backup URL
      - Change to 0 retries (was 2)

2010-05-21 zzz
    * i2psnark:
      - Spiff up dir listings
      - Urlify some messages
      - Only go into end game at the end

2010-05-19 zzz
    * Data: Remove lots of unnecessary initializers
    * susidns: More validatation when adding entry

2010-05-15 zzz
    * Console:
      - Tag text in graphs
      - Move SummaryRenderer to its own file
    * Eepsite: Set no-cache in redirecting page
    * Hash: Move caching XOR methods only used by KBucket
      into netdb
    * i2psnark: CSS tweaks
    * Log: Translate priority

2010-05-13 zzz
    * netdb.jsp debug tweaks
    * Plugins: Try to prevent ZipErrors after upgrade

2010-05-10 zzz
    * Console:
      - Summary bar tweaks
      - Add monthly bw estimate
    * DataHelper: Deprecate inefficient eq() methods
    * i2psnark:
      - Add tunnel config dropdowns
      - Comment out old proxy stuff
    * NetDB:
      - Handle old and duplicate stores more efficiently
      - Have DataStore put() return success
      - Move getDistance() to its own class
    * Router: Add router.forceBandwidthClass advanced config for testing
    * Streaming: Add support for connection throttling
    * TunnelPoolManager: Concurrent
    * UDP: To help limit connections, don't offer to introduce
      when floodfill

2010-05-10 sponge
     * PluginStarter: If there is some delay, there may be a really good reason for it.
       Loading a class would be one of them!
       So we do a quick check first, If it bombs out, we delay and try again.
       If it bombs after that, then we throw the ClassNotFoundException.

2010-05-05 zzz
    * build.xml: Create packed sud in release
    * Console:
      - Print stack trace if exception on startup
      - IllegalStateException rather than NPE if no context
    * EepGet: Limit max times to fail completely even if numRetries is higher
    * i2psnark: Skip 'the' when sorting snarks
    * I2PTunnelHTTPClient: Reject 192.168.*
    * Plugins:
      - Set classpath for specific client only, not for the whole JVM
      - Use ConfigDir() not AppDir()
    * Replace size() <= 0 with isEmpty() everywhere, ditto > 0 -> !isEmpty()
    * RouterInfo: Clean up use of sortStructures()

2010-05-02 zzz
    * ByteCache:
      - Add a per-cache stat
      - Limit each cache based on max memory
      - Disable in UDP MessageReceiver
      - Add clearAll() method to be called when under
        severe memory pressure; call from Router
    * Plugins: Fix version checker bug

2010-04-27 zzz
    * i2psnark: Serve downloaded files from the servlet rather
      than with a file: link
    * Jetty: Backport directory listing bugfix from jetty 6
    * peers.jsp: Cleanup and tag

* 2010-04-27 0.7.13 released

File Description Downloads
download icon i2psource_0.7.14.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) I2P 0.7.14 Source 23
last downloaded 16 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.7.14.exe (md5, sig) I2P 0.7.14 Installer 65
last downloaded 2 days ago
Total downloads: 88

0.7.12 release from the trunk series released 2010-03-15

Release information
Release notes:

The 0.7.12 release contains support for user-generated plugins. These plugins may contain console web applications, themes, translations, or standalone programs. Some plugins are already available for testing.t We are hopeful this support will enable rapid development of innovative i2p applications.

The release fixes the blank-page bug when an eepsite is not reachable, and also improves handling of clock skews and IP changes. It adds support for a new, smaller tunnel build message, that will be tested in this release and enabled in the next release.

As usual, the release contains more anonymity and performance improvements, translation updates, and an assortment of other bug fixes. Upgrading is recommended.

The last 6 months of development have dramatically increased the performanc...

File Description Downloads
download icon i2psource_0.7.12.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) 0.7.12 Source Tarball 13
last downloaded 40 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.7.12.exe (md5, sig) 0.7.12 Windows Installer 16
last downloaded 21 weeks ago
Total downloads: 29

0.7.8 release from the trunk series released 2009-12-08

Release information
Release notes:

Release 0.7.8 contains initial support for router console translations, and changes to the floodfill system which lay the foundation for supporting large growth in the network.

To prevent easy blocking of I2P by malicious firewalls, the release randomizes the I2P port for new installs. For existing installs, please help those who are vulnerable to blocking by changing UDP from 8887 to a random port on and adjusting your firewall if necessary.

The release also contains more changes to reduce memory and CPU usage, and a large assortment of bug fixes. Upgrading is recommended. We especially encourage those of you still running release 0.7.6 or earlier to upgrade as soon as possible. Please give the developers feedback on IRC #i2p or forum.i2p2.de and get involved or donate! We are also l...

File Description Downloads
download icon i2psource_0.7.8.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Source 17
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.7.8.exe (md5, sig) Graphical Installer 93
last downloaded 37 weeks ago
Total downloads: 110

0.7.6 release from the trunk series released 2009-07-31

Release information
Release notes:

I2P version 0.7.6 contains additional fixes for network stability issues related to tunnel building and connection limits. While the 0.7.5 release greatly improved the congestion that appeared UTC evenings and weekends, it was not eliminated; this release should improve the situation further.

This version also has new console themes by dr|z3d, which may be selected on the new UI configuration page. Sorry, the new themes are not available for IE browsers.

The default tunnel length variance is changed from 1 to 0. This mainly affects exploratory tunnels and iMule. As explained on zzz.i2p, a non-zero variance adds very little protection, at great cost in resources. Should you wish to reconfigure your exploratory settings back to the old variance of 1, or change to length 3 variance 0, y...

File Description Downloads
download icon i2pinstall-0.7.6.exe (md5) Graphical installer 108
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon i2psource-0.7.6.tar.bz2 (md5) 0.7.6 Source Install 27
last downloaded 17 weeks ago
Total downloads: 135

5160 of 60 releases