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Joey Stanford
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Release notes 

In early 2009, shortly after our attendance at 25C3, we released version 0.7 of the I2P Anonymous Network. Over the next 15 releases in 18 months we have worked to improve the usability of the I2P software and increase its performance, security, and reliability - all while dealing with unprecedented growth in the network.

In recognition of these accomplishments, we are declaring the start of the 0.8 series. The 0.8 release is fully compatible with all 0.7.x releases. This release contains several bugfixes, a new Dutch translation, and completion of the German translation. As always, users are encouraged to upgrade.

Some visible highlights of the 0.7.x release series in the last year and a half:

    * Automatically generated Base32 destination names, reducing reliance on host names.
    * Themable router console with GeoIP display.
    * Plugin system for easy installation and maintenance of user-generated applications. For example I2P-bote, distributed serverless anonymous e-mail.
    * Translation infrastructure for the router console, and translation into several languages.
    * Many improvements leading to less CPU and memory usage.
    * Network improvements for scalability, now you can invite all your friends into cipherspace!

Several important under-the-hood improvements:

    * Redesign of the floodfill infrastructure for network database storage, by implementing a simplified Kademlia storage system, and an increase in floodfill routers from 5 to almost 100, for increased reliability and scalability.
    * Encryption of queries and stores to floodfill routers for increased security.
    * Separate session key managers for each local destination for increased security.
    * Multi-layered system of limiting connections to peers.
    * New, smaller tunnel build message to reduce the chance it will be dropped, and increase build success rates.
    * Several bug fixes and improvements in the streaming library to speed up connections dramatically.
    * Transition to Java 5 concurrent data structures for a significant reduction in lock contention.
    * Transition to Java 5 coding styles, a significant increase in javadoc documentation, and elimination of unused code for maintanability.
    * Split directory structure for ease of use on multi-user systems and easier packaging.
    * Clock skew system redesign, with implementation of NTP-style clock adjustment.
    * Adjustment of several parameters based on the speed and maximum memory of the router, to optimize speed and memory usage.
    * UPnP support to open firewall ports.
    * An uncountable number of bugfixes and improvements that enhance security, anonymity, reliability, performance, scalability, and the user experience.


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