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download icon i2psource_0.8.13.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) I2P 0.8.13 source 95
last downloaded 16 weeks ago
download icon i2pupdate_0.8.13.zip (md5, sig) I2P 0.8.13 update 33
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
download icon changelog-since-0.8.12 (md5) i2p 0.8.13 changelog 20
last downloaded 16 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.8.13.exe (md5, sig) I2P 0.8.13 installer 192
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
Total downloads: 340

Release notes 

The 0.8.13 release contains several bug fixes and a couple of new features. We are pleased that the last release significantly improved performance, and the network is running well despite continued rapid growth. Upgrading is recommended.

This is likely to be the last release before 0.9, in which we will migrate to Jetty 6, and introduce a simplified router console home page. Monitor the news section of your the router console in the coming weeks for more information on the next release.

Starting with this release, the router will check for and install plugin updates shortly upon restarting after a router update. To prevent this, add the advanced configuration plugins.autoUpdate=false before restarting. There is also a new update-all button on the client configuration page.

Routers in certain countries will now automatically enable hidden mode for increased protection. However, hidden mode may have lower performance or reliability, and is still a work in progress. To disable hidden mode before restarting, add the advanced configuration router.isHidden=false. To disable hidden mode later, select use all auto-detect methods under IP Configuration on the network configuration page. For the list of countries see the thread on zzz.i2p. The only country on the list that has more than one or two I2P users is China.

Major changes

- Check for and download plugin updates upon restarting after a router update.
- Routers in certain countries will now automatically enable hidden mode for increased protection.
- New Tunnel Wizard for creating tunnels

- A SIGHUP to the wrapper will now initiate a graceful shutdown

Bug Fixes

- Increase read timeout in HTTP Proxy
- Shutdown hooks will now run when router is shutdown externally (i2prouter stop), broken in 0.8.8
- If an external IP address is specified, bind only to that interface
- Fail tunnels we created when we can't contact the adjacent hop
- Prevent races when saving configuration
- For plugins, check min and max Jetty versions; check all version requirements at startup, not just at install
- Fix plugin startup when console is not on port 7657
- Only stop plugins if they are running
- Fix NPE when no network interfaces are present
- Fix eepget exit code on failure
- Improve inbound tunnel building when in hidden mode
- Publish our router info sooner after startup to facilitate inbound tunnel building
- Fix Streamr tunnel registration


- Add icons to buttons in SusMail and SusiDNS
- Move wrapper PID, status, and log files from /tmp to ~/.i2p (Debian packages and new installs only)
- i2prouter graceful (Debian packages and new installs only)
- Increase number of floodfills
- Repack jars in installer to save a little space
- New translation infrastructure for i2prouter script (not enabled yet)
- New Czech translation (thanks Waseihou)
- German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian translation updates


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* 2012-02-27 0.8.13 released

2012-02-22 kytv
  * Updated German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian translations
    from Transifex.

2012-02-22 zzz
  * ExploratoryPeerSelector: Use fast peers if hidden for
    inbound tunnels to improve success
  * NetDB:
    - Don't publish our RI if it has no addresses
    - Publish our RI sooner after startup
      to facilitate our IB tunnel builds

2012-02-20 zzz
  * i2ptunnel:
    - Fix streamr session registration
    - Don't delete privkey file for a non-persistent client tunnel
      (ticket #599)
  * Streaming: Fix race NPE (thx echelon)

2012-02-17 zzz
  * i2psnark: Escape fixes
  * netdb.jsp: Fix debug median calculation

20112-02-17 kytv
  * Add Czech language from Transifex (thanks Waseihou)

2012-02-12 str4d
  * i2ptunnel: Tunnel creation wizard

2012-02-10 zzz
  * WorkingDir: Fix detection of migrated directory

2012-02-09 zzz
  * i2psnark: Escape semicolons

2012-02-04 zzz
  * Deprecate util classes used only by installer
  * ProfileOrganizer: Add profileOrganizer.sameCountryBonus config
  * WorkingDir: Reset dates of eepsite files while migrating
                to avoid exposing install time (thx Z6)
  * Wrapper files:
    - Move PID and status files to config dir in i2prouter
    - Don't set PID files in wrapper.config as Windows doesn't need them
      and the wrapper won't start if the dir doesn't exist
    - Move wrapper.log to config dir using override in i2prouter,
      Windows stays in system temp dir
    - Move wrapper.log to config dir for no wrapper
    - Move wrapper.log setup for no wrapper from RouterLaunch
      to WorkingDir
    - Redirect stderr too when no wrapper
    - Create config dir in i2prouter for Linux/Mac

2012-02-02 kytv
 * Ukrainian and Polish translation updates from Transifex

2012-01-30 zzz
  * i2psnark: More illegal chars
  * LogWriter: Don't rotate and open file until first message
  * SusiDNS: Reduce listings to 50/page

2012-01-27 zzz
  * Build: Repack release jars with pack200 -r, saves about 1% and
           might save a little memory at runtime too
  * confignet: Add UDP disable option
  * SAM: Remove client demo classes from sam.jar

2012-01-26 zzz
  * configclients: Fix form action default
  * NetDB: Increase min ff to 200
  * Plugins: Fix updated count
  * SusiDNS: Make UI 1-based

2012-01-24 zzz
  * Addresses: Fix NPE if no interfaces found http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=6365
  * i2ptunnel: Fix white-on-white buttons on hover
  * Plugins: Add completion message after all-update check
  * susidns, susimail: Add icons to buttons

2012-01-22 zzz
  * Transports: Bind only to a single interface if specified
                as the host address and it's available (ticket #591)
  * VMCommSystem: Move to dummy directory

2012-01-21 zzz
  * Build: Fix Windows build, version checking for release
  * Console summary bar: Move some code around

2012-01-20 sponge
  * Fix too short of delay for http. It is up to the browser to time out
    in a shorter time, not the proxy. This is wreaking havoc on large
    downloads, similar to the issues that we had in the distant past with
    jetty's default timeout being too short.

2012-01-18 zzz
  * I2PTunnel: Register ports with the PortMapper
  * Router:
    - Use new synchronized change-and-save-config methods
      to eliminate races with ReadConfigJob
  * Tunnels:
    - When a peer is shitlisted, fail all our tunnels where
      that peer is the adjacent hop. In particular this
      will remove outbound tunnels when we can't contact
      the first hop, and enable quicker recovery.
  * Update: Find the proxy port in the PortMapper

2012-01-16 hottuna
  * Router:
    - Don't throttle tunnel creation if using a higher
    - than default router.maxParticipatingTunnels setting.

2012-01-16 zzz
  * Build: Put Implementation-Version in manifests
  * NetDB: Hopefully fix rare NPE (ticket #589)
  * Plugins:
    - Only stop a plugin before update if it was running
    - Only stop a plugin at shutdown if it was running
    - Don't start a plugin after update if it was disabled
    - Disable plugin if it fails version checks at startup
    - Auto-update plugins after a router update
    - Add update-all button and more cancel buttons
  * Router:
    - Add synchronized change-and-save-config methods to avoid races
    - Save previous version in config so we know when we updated
  * Transport: Revert change from -2, put addresses back in RouterInfo
               when hidden, broke inbound tunnel building

2012-01-14 zzz
  * i2ptunnel: Partial fix for dest formatting (ticket #581)
  * jars.jsp: New debug page
  * logs.jsp: Use wrapper method to find wrapper log if available
  * Stats:
    - Cleanups
    - Remove some locking
    - Change some longs to ints to save space
    - Remove static logs

2012-01-13 zzz
  * i2prouter: Add translation infrastructure

2012-01-10 zzz
  * Console:
    - Add info to error 500 page
    - Add indication on summary bar when in VM comm system
    - Make graceful the default for HUP (ticket #580)
    - Fix class error on wrapper 3.1.1
  * i2prouter: Don't attempt to translate strings from script
  * Router:
    - Auto-hidden mode for bad countries
    - Don't put addresses in our RouterInfo when hidden

2012-01-08 zzz
  * Plugins:
    - Enforce min and max Jetty versions at plugin installation
    - Enforce I2P, Java, and Jetty versions at plugin startup too
  * Router:
    - No longer check for updates or start any threads in the Router constructor,
    - for ease in building multiple routers in the JVM,
    - and also because starting threads in a constructor is bad practice.
    - All threads now start in runRouter().
    - Installation of updates now only happens via Router.main().
  * RouterInfo, RouterAddress: Optimizations and integrity checks
    - Remove synchronization
    - Do not allow contents to change after being set, throw IllegalStateException
    - Do not copy contents out in getters
    - Make options final
    - Add getOption() and getOptionsMap() methods
  * Router shutdown:
    - Fix failsafe shutdown hook broken in 0.8.8;
      HUP, INT, and TERM signals should now shut down cleanly.
    - Shutdown hook no longer prevents other hooks from running
    - Trap HUP, if router.gracefulHUP=true, and do graceful shutdown.
      Only under wrapper, non-Windows.
    - i2prouter stop now uses SIGTERM
    - Implement i2prouter graceful using SIGHUP (ticket #580)
    - Configure wrapper to ignore SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 as they will shut down
      or crash the JVM

2012-01-06 kytv
  * EepGet: If transfer fails, exit with status 1 (fixes #576)

* 2012-01-06 0.8.12 released

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