I2P 0.8.2

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Joey Stanford
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download icon i2psource_0.8.2.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Source install 39
last downloaded 17 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.8.2.exe (md5, sig) Graphical installer 27
last downloaded 40 weeks ago
Total downloads: 66

Release notes 

The 0.8.2 release includes extensive bug fixes and theme updates in the router and in i2psnark. There are also optimizations to reduce memory usage in i2psnark. The HTTP and SOCKS proxies now support local and remote authorization. Upgrading is recommended.

I2P will be at 27C3 in Berlin the week of the December 27th. Look for the I2P people there and ask for I2P stickers!


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Bug Fixes

- Improve I2CP and I2PTunnel error propagation and logging for troubleshooting
- Clean up lots of error messages that weren't really errors
- Fix transport bug with message retries causing IllegalStateExceptions
- Fix bug causing UDP to use too much CPU


- Theme updates
- Home page update
- Covert GETs to POSTs for security
- ".jsp" suffixes no longer required in URLs
- Fix UDP rate display on Peers page
- Stats page improvements
- Improve time representation


- Theme updates, theme selection, new vanilla theme
- Reduction in memory and thread usage
- Convert GETs to POSTs for security
- Files now mode 600
- Lots of bug fixes


- Support reseeding via SSL
- Add SOCKS outproxy support
- Add username/password support for I2CP, HTTP and SOCKS proxies, and outproxies
- Rework of data structure classes in preparation for more caching
- Logging subsystem updates; router log now in local time
- API cleanup by marking more non-API classes package private
- Javadoc updates
- More work on the Debian build scripts by HungryHobo
- New advanced option i2p.insecureFiles=true to disable mode 600
- Save news and addressbook subscription last-fetched times across restarts, so they aren't always fetched right after router start
- Lots of translation updates

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