I2P 0.9.1 "Shebang"

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download icon i2pupdate_0.9.1.zip (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.1 Update 44
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
download icon changelog-since-0.9.txt (md5) i2p 0.9.1 changelog 15
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.1_windows.exe (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.1 installer (Windows) 135
last downloaded 37 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.1.jar (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.1 installer (Linux / OSX / FreeBSD / Solaris) 46
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
download icon i2psource_0.9.1.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.1 Source Code 36
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
Total downloads: 276

Release notes 



- Fix several bugs in downloading torrents with skipped files
- Fix places where rarest-first was not honored
- Fix handling of encoded magnet links
- Additional inbound connection limits
- Immediate closing of connections with handshake errors
- Blocklist peers with multiple handshake errors
- Delay "ballooning" files on disk until required, to speed torrent adds
- Store partial pieces in temp files to greatly reduce memory usage when leeching
- Remove peers restriction when leeching torrents with large pieces
- Improve configuration of open and private trackers
- Prevent configuratino of default trackers as private
- Improved display and control of torrent file downloads
- Reduced number of threads
- Faster startup and shutdown of torrents
- Allow clearing of message box
- New light theme
- Torrent info page updates and cleanups
- Fix problems with restarted torrents
- Delay tunnel close at shutdown to ensure trackers are notified
- Better UI behavior during tunnel startup and shutdown

Bug Fixes

- Prevent shutdown hangs caused by buggy plugins
- Fix for Raspberry Pi crashing
- Fix rare job queue hang
- Fix routing key modifier rarely not updating at midnight
- Fix excessive padding in some AES-encrypted messages
- Fix occasional gunzip failures
- Several fixes to streaming lib to speed recovery after dropped packets and improve retransmit behavior
- Fix bug that reduced reuse of tunnels


- Ports are now passed through the SOCKS and HTTP proxies to support eepsite virtual hosts. See http://zzz.i2p/topics/1182 for setup instructions.
- I2PTunnel configuration changes now take effect immediately. No tunnel restart required.
- Summary bar iframe removed, refresh is now via Javascript only
- Reduce netDB flood redundancy
- Reduce stats publishing frequency
- Minor router console changes
- New Hungarian and Greek translations
- Completed Italian translation
- Updates to Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish translations
- Update geoip to Maxmind 2012-07-04
- Theme updates
- Theme support for SusiMail and SudiDNS; new dark themes
- I2PTunnel and SusiDNS now iframed with summary bar
- Console home page now shows news summary in summary bar
- Console home page icon updates
- Console summary bar now configurable
- Change the HTTP proxy error code from 404 to 500
- Cleanups for efficiency in netdb and I2CP
- Increase timeout for internal uses of eepget to improve reliability


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* 2012-07-30 0.9.1 released

2012-07-28 str4d
 * Console: theme fixes

2012-07-26 kytv
* Update geoip.txt based on Maxmind GeoLite Country database from 2012-07-04
* Finnish, French, German, Spanish and Swedish translation updates from TX

2012-07-26 sponge
* BOB Fix static references to Log

2012-07-24 sponge
 * BOB reset spin flag to enable restart from zap command

2012-07-24 str4d
 * Summary bar: disable fallback iframe in summary.jsi (so when JS is disabled
   the summary bar will not refresh at all)
 * Home page:
   - Replaced 16x16 icons with 32x32 ones
   - Updated icon for git.repo.i2p
   - Moved RestartStatus back above LocalDestinations

2012-07-24 zzz
 * LookaheadInputStream: Fix bug causing gunzip fails, esp. on Android
 * Router: Don't create router.ping file on Android
 * SSLEepGet: Fix on Android (ticket #668)

2012-07-21 zzz
 * i2psnark: Remove dark theme
 * Reseed: Add new cert for cowpuncher
 * SSU: Remove exception creation (ticket #665)

2012-07-21 str4d
 * Home page: unlinked the iframed pages for i2psnark and susimail (the pages
   /webmail and /torrents still exist, but the console links to the apps
   directly instead for now)

2012-07-19 str4d
 * Home page: replaced itoopie with an eepsite icon (c/o dr|z3d) for eepsites
   with no icon of their own.
 * i2psnark:
   - New light theme (c/o dr|z3d) which integrates with console light theme
   - Moved table heading text into tooltips to reduce visual clutter

2012-07-18 str4d
 * Home page: Added id3nt.i2p and git.repo.i2p

2012-07-18 zzz
 * Home page: Add colombo-bt.i2p, remove keys.i2p
 * i2psnark: Clear rate stats when restarting torrent

2012-07-16 str4d
 * console: work towards better integration
   - Wrapped the bundled apps in iFrames (with a link in the page header to
     open the app in a new tab):
     - i2ptunnel
     - i2psnark
     - susimail
     - susidns
   - Theme improvements
     - Added theme support to susimail and susidns
       - "susimail.theme=foo" in susimail.config
       - "theme=foo" on susidns config page
     - Extensive work on dark console theme (dr|z3d)
       - Improved integration of i2ptunnel in iframe
       - General improvements
     - New dark themes for i2psnark, susimail and susidns which integrate well
       with dark console theme (dr|z3d)
     - Tweaks to other themes (console and i2psnark) to work with the various
       structural changes (dr|z3d)
     - Added per-theme favicons
     - Updated IE shim to fix some issues
   - Summary bar improvements
     - Updated every console page to use Ajax for the summary bar
       - Falls back to iFrame if JS disabled
       - Ajax refresh time is adjustable
     - The summary bar is now customizable; sections can be added, removed and
       reordered as desired
     - Added/updated tooltips
     - Added a new summary bar section to show news headings when the main news
       display is hidden
   - Changes to structure of /home to bring it in line with rest of console
 * i2psnark
   - Reworked the torrent info/file manager page to improve the layout

2012-07-15 zzz
 * XORComparator: Reduce object churn (Ticket #658)

2012-07-12 kytv
* Translations from Transifex:
  - Add new Greek translation
  - Dutch translation update

2012-07-01 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Don't send a keepalive to a peer we are going to disconnect
   - Disconnect peer when idle a long time
   - PeerCheckerTask cleanup
   - Static ref cleanup
   - Don't show a downloaded torrent file as "seeding"
   - Better torrent file download icon

2012-06-29 zzz
 * HTTP Proxy: Change the error code for unknown host from 404 to 500
 * SimpleTimer: Fix logging
 * Streaming:
   - Allow at least 3 packets and up to half the window to be active resends
     instead of just 1, to reduce stall time after a packet drop
   - Increase fast retransmit threshold back to 3 to reduce retransmissions
   - Don't fast retransmit if we recently retransmitted it already
   - Allow double the window as long as gaps are less than the window
   - Don't set the MSS in a resent packet (saves 2 bytes)
   - Remove redundant calls to updateAcks()
   - Update activity timer when resending a packet
   - Reset unackedPacketsReceived counter at all places where acks are sent
     so it isn't wrong
   - Fix some places where the activeResends count could become wrong
   - Prevent storm of CLOSE packets
   - Never resend the whole packet in ackImmediately(), just send an ack
   - Cancel flusher timer in MessageOutputStream when closed
   - Move some createRateStats to ConnectionManager to reduce repeated calls
   - Cleanups, javadocs, logging, volatile, finals
 * Update: Increase eepget timeouts

2012-06-24 zzz
 * ElGamalAESEngine: Fix bad size estimate when tags are included,
                     resulting in trailing zeros after the padding
                     in the unencrypted data
 * i2psnark: Don't create a new PeerCoordinator after restart, as the
             TrackerClient holds on to the old one and that causes it
             to not get peers. Possibly fixes ticket #563.
 * I2PTunnel: Fix NPE on shared client creation, thx kytv
 * Transport: Add Ethiopia to hidden mode list

2012-06-21 zzz
 * I2CP: Make separate message ID counters per-destination, use atomic,
         increase max (could have caused "local loopback" problems)
 * IRC Client: Don't flush output unless out of input, so the
               streaming messages don't get split up unnecessarily
 * OCMOSJ, ElG, Streaming: log tweaks
 * TunnelInfo: Change msg counter from long to int
 * TunnelPeerSelectors: Minor refactoring to store context
 * TunnelPool: Fix bug where a tunnel was marked as reused when it wasn't
 * TunnelPoolManager: Use one ClientPeerSelector for all pools

2012-06-20 zzz
 * I2PSession:
   - Greatly simplify the VerifyUsage timers
   - Constructor cleanup

2012-06-19 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Hide buttons while stopping all
 * Socks: Pass remote port through
 * Streaming:
   - Listen only on local port if set
   - Listen only for streaming protocol if configured (new option)
   - Javadocs re: ports

2012-06-18 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Improve torrent shutdown handling to maximize chance of
     announces getting to tracker
   - Thread task to open tunnel and improve UI feedback while open is pending
   - Clean up delete-torrent messages
   - Remove redundant shutdown hook
   - Avoid NPE in PEX message handling
   - Log tweaks

2012-06-15 zzz
 * I2PSocketEepGet: Use specified port
 * I2PTunnel:
   - Don't strip port from an I2P URL
   - More client options cleanups
   - Options changes now propagate to running
     socket managers and sessions, and through to the router
   - Better parsing of jump server URLs
 * NetDB: Only publish stats every so often, to improve
   anonymity while preserving the ability to monitor
   the network (effective next release)
 * SocketManager:
   - Simplify factory, use 4-arg constructor,
     make fields final, deprecate 0-arg constructor
   - Improve how options are updated
   - Javadocs

2012-06-13 zzz
 * I2PSocketEepGet: Set port to 80
 * I2PTunnel:
   - Pass port through HTTP client proxy
   - HTTP server proxy sets host header to
     the value of "spoofedhost.xx" option for port xx
   - Set client options more efficiently
 * i2psnark: Possible fix for piece-after-choke
 * Streaming:
   - Channel cleanups and comments
   - New I2PSocketAddress

2012-06-11 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Display torrent file downloads in torrent area
   - Sort magnets and downloads first
   - Fix sorting problem when torrent dir is a symlink
   - Reduce max file idle time
   - Reduce TrackerClient threads
   - Reduce delay between peer adds for faster startup
   - Thread the announces and reduce timeout when stopping
 * NativeBigInteger: Workaround for Raspberry Pi to load the correct lib
 * Router: Don't let shutdown tasks hang the shutdown (tickets #564, #566)

2012-06-08 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Move private tracker config from create box to torrent config
   - Refactor private and open tracker configuration
   - Add private indication on details page
 * netdb.jsp: Don't show our info on summary page

2012-06-04 zzz
 * i2psnark: Take tracker out of opentracker list when removed

2012-06-03 kytv
* Translation updates:
  - Add Hungarian language from Transifex (thanks AdminLMH!)
  - Italian language updates from Transifex (thanks ColumboBT)

2012-06-02 zzz
 * i2psnark: Improve opentracker configuration
 * Job Queue: Add failsafe check

2012-06-01 zzz
 * Console: Tab the netdb and profile pages
 * i2psnark: Fix partially-complete torrent not announcing
 * NetDB: Reduce flood redundancy from 8x to 6x

2012-05-31 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Add per-hour conn limit
   - Blacklist peer after two bad handshakes
   - Reduce connect timeout
   - Close connection immediately if bad protocol
   - Stop adding peers when we hit the limit
   - Lower limit for outbound connections so we give
     new peers a better chance in large swarms

2012-05-30 zzz
 * Graphs: Reduce log EOF error to warn
 * i2psnark:
   - Increase max upload (ticket #645)
   - Increase per-minute conn limit from 6 to 8
   - Improve rarest-first behavior
   - Handle URI encoding, UTF-8, and multiple trackers in magnet links
 * Timestamper:
   - Move from core to router, leave stub in core
     so it doesn't break compatibility. This removes a
     thread in app context and prevents any app context from
     running NTP; external clients must use the time
     received from the router.
   - Increase query interval

2012-05-28 kytv
 * i2prouter: Add support so that 'i2prouter install' will work in ArchLinux
 * jbigi/jcpuid scripts: Improve support for ArchLinux

2012-05-25 kytv
 * German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish translation updates from Transifex

2012-05-23 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Fixes when complete except for skipped files
     (ticket #447) status in UI, don't connect outbound,
     disconnect seeds when done
   - Custom tracker map AIOOBE fix
   - More classes pkg private
 * jobs.jsp: Add more queue diagnostics

2012-05-22 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Refactor tracker map
   - Prevent torrent shutdown when changing file priority to skip
   - Fix deadlock when changing file priorities
 * RoutingKeyModifier: Update after large clock shift

2012-05-20 zzz
 * Console: Add full file path to thread dump message
 * i2psnark:
   - Create sparse files at torrent creation and delay
     "ballooning" until first write (ticket #641, #447)
   - Redo clear messages button
   - Concurrent message queue
 * Profiles: reduce same-country bonus
 * RoutingKeyModifier: Several changes to ensure the routing key
                       is correctly changed just after midnight.

2012-05-19 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Store received chunks in temp files
   - Don't allocate from heap for unneeded chunks
   - Remove peer count restriction for torrents with large pieces
   - Use priorities and rarest calculations to sort partials
   - Preserve p parameter in clear messages link

2012-05-13 zzz
 * Console: Add X-Frame-Options to headers,
   disable with routerconsole.disableXFrame=true

* 2012-05-02 0.9 released

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