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download icon i2p.apk (md5) I2P 0.9.12 for Android 92
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
download icon i2pupdate_0.9.12.zip (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.12 update 34
last downloaded 36 weeks ago
download icon i2psource_0.9.12.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.12 Source Code 1,185
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.12_windows.exe (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.12 Installer for Windows 192
last downloaded 36 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.12.jar (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.12 installer (Linux / OSX / FreeBSD / Solaris) 289
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,792

Release notes 

I2P now requires Java 6 or higher. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to Java 7. If you are still using Java 5, you must upgrade your Java before installing I2P 0.9.12.

0.9.12 adds preliminary support for ECDSA-signed Destinations. It contains several fixes for the handling of Delivery Status Messages (acknowledgements) and those messages are now end-to-end encrypted for increased security.

We have upgraded to Jetty 8. Jetty 8 is almost identical to Jetty 7, so there are no complex configuration file conversions as there have been in past Jetty upgrades. No manual changes should be necessary.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.

In early March, Internet search company DuckDuckGo donated $5000 to the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) as part of their yearly open-source donation program. The award was granted on the basis of nominations by members of the public on the DuckDuckGo community portal.

This marks the single largest donation ever received by I2P and reflects a growing interest in privacy and security by the Internet community. The funding will help I2P to reach more users, expand development, and audit the code. It will also enable I2P developers to attend conferences, such as the Real-World Cryptography conference in New York City, where the developers met and collaborated with cryptography experts pursuant to I2P's goals of providing anonymity to the public.

I2P thanks Gabriel Weinberg and DuckDuckGo for the generous donation, and the I2P community for its support in the nominations.


Anonymity Improvements

    Encrypt Delivery Status Messages
    Add preliminary support for ECDSA-signed Destinations
    Add check for replayed NTCP session requests
    Add throttling and blocking checks to streaming ping processing

Bug Fixes

    Fix RouterInfo exchange in NTCP
    Extend timeout for Delivery Status Messages
    Drop streaming messages from recently closed connections
    Fix restarts on Raspberry Pi
    Restore profileOrganizer.sameCountryBonus advanced config
    Fix for jwebcache and i2phex


    Jetty 8.1.14.v20131031; Java 6 now required
    Reduce target connection count again to reduce tunnel reject rate further
    Add rate limit for outbound connections at tunnel endpoints
    Add optional inproxy blocking in i2ptunnel
    Use SSU session key for relay request/response when available
    Include HTTP POST data in SYN packet
    Add getopt library for better argument processing
    More removal of Jetty dependencies
    Remove MD5 code, use Java libraries instead
    Change the default addressbook subscription URL
    Translation updates
    Update GeoIP data (new installs and PPA only


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