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download icon i2pupdate_0.9.13.zip (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.13 update 57
last downloaded 46 weeks ago
download icon i2psource_0.9.13.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.13 Source Code 1,302
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.13_windows.exe (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.13 Installer for Windows 221
last downloaded 8 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.13.jar (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.13 installer (Linux / OSX / FreeBSD / Solaris) 401
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,981

Release notes 

0.9.13 includes fixes for firewalled routers, netdb lookup improvements, and a big SusiMail update. Of course, there's also the usual collection of bug fixes and translation updates.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.

zzz has updated his GPG keys, and the release files are signed with his new keys. His new key fingerprint is: 2D3D 2D03 910C 6504 C121 0C65 EE60 C0C8 EE72 56A8



    Many UI improvements
    Implement local storage of messages
    Add offline mode
    Messages now deleted on server after download
    Several backend POP3 and SMTP speedups and fixes

Bug Fixes

    NetDB lookup fixes
    Fix transition from not-firewalled to firewalled
    Fix plugin uninstall on Windows
    SSU locking fixes
    Fix rapid republishing of SSU addresses
    IRC client exception fixes
    Fix changing HTTP outproxy configuration without restarting tunnel


    New i2ptunnel server option for unique local address per-client
    Warn in i2ptunnel on duplicate client ports
    Update HTTP User-Agent to match TBB
    Extend SSU establishment retransmission timer
    Use constant-time method for HMAC verification
    New translation: Slovak
    Translation updates
    Update GeoIP data (new installs and PPA only)


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* 2014-05-22 0.9.13 released

2014-05-20 zzz
 * Fixes after code review
 * SSU: Fix peer test deadlock (ticket #1286)

2014-05-15 kytv
 * Translations, imported from Transifex:
   - Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian BokmÃ¥l, and Ukrainian
     translation updates
   - Start of Slovak language translation
 * Updates to geoip.txt and geoipv6.dat.gz based on Maxmind GeoLite Country
   database from 2014-05-06.

2014-05-14 kytv
 * Update the UserAgent that we send for users that go out through the outproxy
   to match that of the current Tor Browser Bundle.

2014-05-13 zzz
 * BOB, SAM, i2psnark: Fix datagram NPE (ticket #1275)
 * i2psnark: Escaping fixes on details page
 * SusiMail:
   - Fix AIOOBE (ticket #1269)
   - Don't let an exception on one mail break others

2014-05-10 zzz
 * NTCP: Fix NPE (ticket #996)
 * SusiMail: Remove deleted mails from memory

2014-05-09 zzz
 * SusiMail: Add more locking (ticket #1269)

2014-05-08 zzz
 * i2psnark: Add log message if directory does not exist (ticket #1263)
 * i2ptunnel: Display warning for duplicate client ports (ticket #1265)

2014-05-07 zzz
 * Console:
   - Add hiddengate.i2p
   - Fix console getting disabled when saving client config (ticket #1260)
 * Router: Add warning at startup if console is disabled
 * SSU: Extend establishment phase retx timeout
 * SusiMail:
   - Don't fetch headers from folder sorters
   - Update debug setting when saving config
 * Transports: Use constant time method for HMAC verification
 * Tunnels: Revert expl. OB default back to 2 + 0-1 for now

2014-05-01 zzz
 * SusiMail: js enhancements, build cleanups, css tweaks

2014-04-30 zzz
 * Plugins: Retry deletion at restart if it fails (ticket #1257)

2014-04-29 zzz
 * SusiMail:
   - Add print css
   - Hide header and footer in mobile css
   - Fix 'from' address in compose

2014-04-28 zzz
 * UDP:
   - Locking fixes on peer testing
   - Slow down peer test frequency, esp. when firewalled

2014-04-27 zzz
 * NTCP: Remove published NTCP address if SSU becomes firewalled,
         to fix the "Firewalled with NTCP enabled" message,
         broken during IPv6 implementation in 0.9.8
 * Router: Set killVMOnEnd before runRouter() (for azi2phelper)
 * RoutingKeyGenerator: Don't assume UTC (for azi2phelper)
 * SusiMail:
   - Add locking for disk cache
   - Remove cancel button from login page
   - New configuration page (ticket #1158)
   - Move set page form to configuration page
   - Theme and js enhancements
 * UDP:
   - Locking fixes on rebuilding address
   - Don't rapidly churn address when we don't have enough introducers

2014-04-25 zzz
 * SusiMail:
   - Add icons for new messages, attachments, and spam
   - Different colors for new mail and spam
   - Tweak sort button display based on current sort
   - Display image attachments inline
   - Don't rezip certain attachment types, just offer link
   - Move delete and confirmation buttons
   - Increase max size for full download again
   - Fix repeated re-saves of mail to disk
   - Enable auto-deletion of downloaded mails
   - Send delete to server for mails already downloaded

2014-04-24 zzz
 * SusiMail:
   - Add background mail checker
   - Add idle timeout connection closer
   - Rely on idle checker for most delayed deletions
   - Cleanup resources better when shutting down session
   - Don't add deleted mails to folder
   - Set socket soTimeouts
   - Display errors after check mail button pushed

2014-04-23 zzz
 * SusiMail:
   - Queue deletions for a later thread
   - Synch all folder access
   - Fix fetching of new mail

2014-04-22 zzz
 * SusiMail:
   - Add persistent cache
   - Fix encoding in sent mails on non-UTF8 platforms
   - Show sender name in folder view
   - Add support for configured sender name
   - Add HTML escaping of '&'
   - Fix Folder sorting so UP is up and DOWN is down
   - Fix capture by show page after back button
   - Load all mails from disk at startup
   - Add offline mode

2014-04-21 zzz
 * SusiMail:
   - Pipeline all deletes and quit
   - Don't reconnect after delete and quit
   - Verify connected before each POP3 operation
   - Don't clear messages if a reconnection fails
   - Use locale-based sorting for strings
   - Increase limit for full fetch again
   - Increase default page size back again

2014-04-21 dg
 * findbugs: mostly stream closure fixes in router, apps, core

2014-04-20 zzz
 * SusiMail:
   - Implement extensive pipelining in POP3 for a big speedup
     of the initial connection
   - Don't require an attachment to be "uploaded" to send it
   - Move delete attachment button, hide if no attachments
   - Save BCC-to-self preference in the session
   - Fix date format in reply
   - Close any open POP3 socket when session is unbound
   - Don't keep returning user to compose page (ticket #1252)
   - Add javascript capture of back button on compose page

2014-04-19 zzz
 * Console: Remove the classpath workarounds for SusiMail,
   since it isn't using the jetty classes any more
 * SusiMail:
   - Increase max size of mails that are fetched in full,
     previous limit was so small it never happened.
   - Move page nav to top of folder view, hide if only one page
   - Refuse to send mail with no "to"
   - Reduce default page size as it slows startup
   - CSS and layout fixes
   - Flush writes in POP3 and SMTP
   - Don't wait for SMTP response after QUIT
   - Tell the user if there are no messages
   - Fix the message view layout
   - Message view attachment cleanups
   - Pipeline USER and PASS to save a round-trip at startup
   - Better synchronization in POP3
   - Properly de-byte-stuff in POP3
   - Remove unnecessary caching in POP3
   - More efficient handling of POP3 responses
   - Remove 60s timeout for fetching a message,
     so retrieval of large messages doesn't fail
   - Use pipelining in SMTP
   - Rewrite SMTP response processing
   - Translate SMTP error messages

2014-04-18 zzz
 * configclients: Don't allow console disable
 * I2PTunnel IRC Client: Prevent AIOOBE (ticket #1254)
 * SusiMail:
   - Extend session expiration (ticket #1253)
   - Handle non-UTF8 encoding on header lines (ticket #508)
   - Display dates in current locale and time zone
   - Display sender name on message view
   - Remove sort-by-ID buttons
   - Hide "reload config" button unless config file is present
   - Increase default page size
   - Don't force reconnection on folder view (ticket #1253)
   - Button theme tweaks
   - Only show logout button on folder view
   - Add dependency tracking to build

2014-04-17 zzz
 * i2psnark: Randomize announce list order and limit size
 * SSU: SessionRequest replay prevention (ticket #1212)
 * SusiDNS:
   - Locking on config file accesses
   - Remove static log and context
 * SusiMail:
   - Button styling for prev,next,list
   - Log errors to router log too
 * Tunnels: Increase OBEP throttle limit

2014-04-06 zzz
 * NetDB: Iterative search improvements

2014-04-05 zzz
 * I2PTunnel:
   - Add server option for unique local address per-client
   - Fix changing outproxy without stopping tunnel (ticket #1164)
   - Fix add-to-addressbook hostname link in i2ptunnel (ticket #688)
 * NetDB: Skip key cert LS stores and verifies for floodfills that don't support them

2014-04-01 zzz
 * Console: Fix summary bar html when displaying an update constraint
 * NetDB: Handle RI response from non-floodfill router down a client tunnel

* 2014-03-31 0.9.12 released

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