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download icon i2pupdate_0.9.15.zip (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.15 update 56
last downloaded 18 weeks ago
download icon i2psource_0.9.15.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.15 Source Code 1,085
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.15_windows.exe (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.15 Installer for Windows 1,041
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.15.jar (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.15 installer (Linux / OSX / FreeBSD / Solaris) 18,904
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
Total downloads: 21,086

Release notes 

0.9.15 adds preliminary support for Ed25519 EdDSA signatures. It includes a new persistent configuration backend for i2psnark and fixes several issues with i2psnark's handling of file names. There are several improvements to speed up SAM. Plugins now support stronger signatures in the su3 file format. Plugin installation via the console, which was disabled in 0.9.14, is re-enabled.

We have supported ECDSA signatures since 0.9.12, and we would like to start using ECDSA by default. Unfortunately, some of you are still running older I2P versions, and for others, their distribution or Java runtime does not support ECDSA. Red Hat (RHEL, Fedora) distributions are reported to be missing ECDSA. Some have fixed the Java issues by upgrading from Java 6 to Java 7; others have had success with installing the "unlimited strength policy files". We've added information about missing crypto to the log file and the /logs page in the console. After you update to 0.9.15, please check if you are missing ECDSA support, and attempt to fix it if necessary. This is particularly important for those that run popular eepsites and services.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.



    Add support for Ed25519 signatures
    i2psnark move to separate config file for each torrent to better support per-torrent settings
    Add i2psnark support for data outside the i2psnark/ directory
    Enable stronger signatures (su3 format) for plugins
    Speed up SSU introductions by responding to hole punch messages
    Several improvements in SAM efficiency

Bug Fixes

    Form submission fixes in the console and i2psnark
    Streaming fixes for long signatures
    i2psnark fixes for file name character mapping when seeding
    I2PTunnel fixes stopping client tunnels
    I2PTunnel fix updating options on a running delay-open client tunnel


    Re-enable plugin installation via the console, removed in 0.9.14
    i2psnark now remembers uploaded count across restarts
    i2psnark increase max piece size to 8 MB
    i2psnark several UI fixes
    Prohibit SSU peer test requests unless a connection is established
    i2ptunnel add support for local SSL connections for standard and IRC client tunnels
    Console and log warnings for unavailable crypto
    More consistent routing for Delivery Status Messages to reduce network connections
    Disable external entities in UPnP XML parser
    More escaping and cleanups in forms and messages
    Translation updates
    Update GeoIP data (in both new installs and updates)


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* 2014-09-20 0.9.15 released

2014-09-17 kytv
 * Updates to geoip.txt and geoipv6.dat.gz based on Maxmind GeoLite Country
   database from 2014-09-04.
 * Translations:
   - updates pulled from Transifex (cs, es, fi, fr, ja, nb, pl, ro, ru, uk)
   - en po files updated and pushed to Transifex

2014-09-16 zzz
 * i2psnark: Don't send HTML-only headers for icons (2nd try)

2014-09-13 zzz
 * i2ptunnel:
   - Fixes for stopping client tunnels
   - Fix status display for shared clients

2014-09-12 zzz
 * i2psnark: Escape fixes
 * i2ptunnel: Fix updating session options on a running delay-open client tunnel

2014-09-09 zzz
 * i2psnark: Escape fixes

2014-08-31 zzz
 * Build: Add support for bundling router infos in the package
 * I2PTunnel: Allow changing of spoof host and target host/port without
              restarting server tunnel

2014-08-30 zzz
 * Console:
  - Re-enable plugin installation by default
  - Don't show configuration section or update-all button if no plugins installed
  - Show unavailable crypto on /logs
 * Router: Log warnings for unavailable crypto at startup
 * RouterInfo: Backport fix for verification of EdDSA RI sig type

2014-08-28 zzz
 * Streaming: Fix verify of Ed25519 signatures in CLOSE packets

2014-08-27 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Persist uploaded count (tickets #1034, #1298)
   - Don't retry announce if we get back HTML
   - Recognize Vuze tracker rejections
   - Don't retry rejected announces unless seeding
   - Better UI handling of announces with ports or full destination
 * NetDB: Don't abort initialization on an unsupported RI sig type
 * Streaming: Fix P521 and RSA sig types

2014-08-23 zzz
 * Console, i2psnark, i2ptunnel: Escape fixes and cleanups
 * SSU: Drop peer tests as Bob from unestablished Alices

2014-08-22 zzz
 * SigTypes:
   - Add isSupportedSince(), use in floodfill selection
   - Handle mixed-case 25519 enum
   - Fix 25519 type code
   - Add dup type code check

2014-08-21 str4d
 * Add Ed25519 SigType

2014-08-21 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Escape control chars in encodePath()
   - Increase max piece size to 8 MB (ticket #1347)
 * i2ptunnel: Add local SSL support for std. and IRC client tunnels (ticket #1107)

2014-08-19 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Don't filter create torrent form, and
     fix exception on ':' in file names (ticket #1342)
   - Don't remap file names on torrents we created, and
     save remap setting in torrent config file (tickets #571, 771)
   - Escaping fixes since names may not be remapped
   - Use better encodePath() from Jetty
   - Don't say create torrent succeeded when it didn't
   - Add more sanity checks for base path of created torrent

2014-08-18 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Don't send HTML-only headers for icons
   - Catch IllegalStateException for icons
 * Tunnels: Use consistent tunnel pair for Delivery Status Message
   to reduce network connections (ticket #1350)

2014-08-15 zzz
 * Console: Escaping fix (ticket #1348)
 * I2CP: Lookup synch cleanups

2014-08-13 dg
 * Console, EventLog: add BECAME_FLOODFILL and NOT_FLOODFILL, they are now shown
   at the /events page when the router changes its floodfill state

2014-08-13 zzz
 * Console: Escaping fix (ticket #1346)
 * i2psnark: Fix add torrent NPE

2014-08-10 zzz
Prop from i2p.i2p.zzz.snarkconfig:
 * i2psnark:
   - Move config file and DHT persistence file to a config dir
   - Move per-torrent configuration from "zmeta" in the main config file
     to a per-torrent config file (ticket #1132)
   - Split timestamp and bitfield into separate configs
   - Fix misspelling of autoStart config
   - Remove two unused SnarkManager methods
   - Refactor file deletion in prep for better file name handling (ticket #571)
   - Don't use canonical files in directory listings,
     for speed and to avoid file comparison problems (tickets #1079, #1148)
   - Set base file/dir in Storage constructor, make final,
     in prep for arbitrary locations (ticket #1028)
   - Add missing nonce protection for file priority setting
   - Add torrent mime type

2014-08-10 zzz
Prop from i2p.i2p.zzz.test2:
 * Console: Show share options below 30% (ticket #1329)
 * Crypto: Move TransientSessionKeyManager from core to router.
   I2PAppContext will return the dummy SessionKeyManager which
   is sufficient for non-tag uses (e.g. Bote).
   Client use of end-to-end encryption using SessionTags was
   disabled in release 0.6, 2005-07-27.
 * KeysAndCert: Change hashcode to prevent possible collisions
   caused by apps with zeroed pubkey
 * Plugins: Start of SU3 support (ticket #1227)
 * SAM:
   - Don't spawn a thread for each transmitted datagram
   - Set protocol field for raw and signed datagrams
   - Enforce a 60s timeout for HELLO
   - Use naming service cache to reduce Destination object churn
   - Get Log object from the log manager
 * SigType: Add static isAvailable() methods
 * SSU: Speed up introductions by responding to HolePunch (ticket #1333)
 * SU3File:
   - Add support for XML and NEWS types
   - Fix NPE on EOF reading input
   - Add -x option to bypass signature verification
   - Add -k option to use specified private key cert for verification
   - Don't verify signature in showversion
 * UPnP: Disable external entities in XML parser

2014-08-10 zzz
 * Console: Hide client delete buttons unless advanced on /configclients

* 2014-08-09 released

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