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download icon i2pinstall_0.9.4-1_osx.jar (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.4-1 installer (OSX only) 68
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.4_windows.exe (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.4 installer (Windows) 183
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.4.jar (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.4 installer (Linux / OSX / FreeBSD / Solaris) 151
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon i2pupdate_0.9.4.zip (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.4 Update (save to install directory and (re)start I2P) 38
last downloaded 5 days ago
download icon i2psource_0.9.4.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.4 Source Code 62
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
Total downloads: 502

Release notes 

0.9.4 includes a fix for a network capacity bug, introduced in 0.9.2, that was reducing network performance and reliability. It also includes major changes in the in-network update system, and adds the capability to update via in-network torrents.

We fixed several bugs in the i2psnark DHT implementation that was introduced last release. For those of you using console or http proxy passwords, we converted to the more-secure digest method and improved the security for console forms.

For those of you already running development builds, your router should automatically update to 0.9.4-0 using the new in-network torrent facility. For those running 0.9.3-0, you will update normally using in-network HTTP, and we will have more information for you when we release 0.9.5.


Major Changes

- Big rework of the update system; Preliminary support for updates via i2psnark
- Add per-destination outbound priorities

Bug Fixes

- Fix major bug that reduced SSU connection limits which reduced tunnel build success rates
- Fix bug with external I2CP that prevented some external apps from working
- Fixed several bugs in i2psnark DHT
- Fixed bug in i2psnark PEX that inflated peer counts
- Handle dropped I2CP messages better
- Reduce overhead of I2CP messages
- Enforce max size in transport outbound message queues
- Fixes for Windows eepget.bat (new installs and PPA only)
- Fix a bug that would drop messages of exactly 512 bytes in SSU


- More performance improvements, memory reduction, and object churn reduction
- Better detection of network disconnections
- Further improvements in the SSU transport
- Add console password form
- Convert http proxy and console from basic to digest authentication for added security
- Improved verification of console form submissions, using jsp sessions. Cookies may now be required on forms, except when the console password is enabled
- Initial work on new interfaces to manage applications started via clients.config
- Increase minimum peer port to 1024
- Increase granularity of bandwidth limiter for smoother transmissions
- Translation updates: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Ukrainian
- Update GeoIP data (new installs and PPA only)
- Update wrapper to 3.5.16 (new installs and PPA only)
- New ARMv6 wrapper for Raspberry Pi


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* 2012-12-17 0.9.4 released

2012-12-14 kytv
 * German and Swedish translation updates from Transifex
 * Update geoip.txt based on Maxmind GeoLite Country database from 2012-12-04

2012-12-11 zzz
 * Wrapper: Use Tanuki's binary for armv7

2012-12-08 zzz
 * susimail: Button CSS tweak

2012-12-07 zzz
 * RouterClock: Reduce log level (ticket #790)

2012-12-05 zzz
 * GarlicMessage: Fix notes and log in GarlicMessageHandler and HandleGarlicMessageJob,
   they are used for netdb messages received by floodfills http://zzz.i2p/topics/1282
 * I2CP: Fix external I2CP apps, including i2ping, caused by 0 nonce value,
   broken in 0.9.2 (tickets #799, #801). Allow nonces == 0.
 * Reseed: Don't go on to the next host if we have enough http://zzz.i2p/topics/1287
 * SSU: Fix rare NPE (ticket #798)

2012-11-28 kytv
 * Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, and Ukrainian translation updates from

2012-11-24 zzz
 * Addressbook: Disable unused wakeup via http
 * Codel: Make stats non-required (ticket #786)
 * Profiles: Small optimization in coalesceOnly() (ticket #765)

2012-11-21 zzz
 * Wrapper: Add armv6 files for Raspberry Pi

2012-11-21 kytv
 * Update Java Service Wrapper to v3.5.16.
    - Windows: Self-compiled with VS2010 in Windows 7. The icon has been
      changed from Tanuki's default to Itoopie.
    - FreeBSD: Self-compiled in FreeBSD 7.4 to eliminate the dependency on the
      compat6x port.
    - Linux PPC32: Self-compiled in Debian Squeeze
    - Linux x86, Linux x64, Linux ARMv5, MacOSX & Solaris: Binares are from the
      "community edition" deltapack offered by Tanuki. The Linux binaries have
      been stripped.

2012-11-20 zzz
 * Transport: Fix bug that inadvertently reduced default max
   SSU connections in 0.9.2, thus reducing tunnel build success rates

2012-11-19 kytv
 * Add support for kFreeBSD to NBI and CPUID
 * Improve kFreeBSD support in jcupid/jbigi scripts

2012-11-19 zzz
 * BuildHandler: Disable CoDel, wasn't helping
 * NetDB: Add negative lookup cache
 * Profiles: Split up files into subdirectories

2012-11-17 zzz
 * error500.jsp: Add servlet version
 * i2psnark: Clear PEX peers set after use, cause of bad peer counts
 * Tunnels: Set default priorities for tunnels (ticket #719)

2012-11-16 zzz
 * i2psnark: Fix rare IOOBE (ticket #777)
 * NetDB:
   - Implement automatic reseeding (ticket #521)
   - Increase minimum routers
   - Log reseeds in event log
 * Tunnels: Fix outbound tunnel message priority (ticket #719)

2012-11-13 zzz
 * Bandwidth Limiter: Fix stats broken in -1
 * HTTP Proxy: Store referrer of new addresses in address book
 * NTCP:
   - Fix NPE (ticket #770)
   - Use ByteCache for buffers
 * SOCKS: Reduce log level of connect errors
 * SSU: Fix bug that would drop 512 byte messages
 * stats.jsp: Link to graph page, not single image

2012-11-10 kytv
 * eepget: Add logic to figure out the path to java.exe (java isn't always added to the system path
   in Windows) (ticket #769)

2012-11-05 zzz
 * Console:
   - Fix NPE after restart (ticket #763)
   - Move more nonces out of system properties
 * i2psnark:
   - More DHT limits
   - Announce to backup trackers if DHT is empty
   - Use PEX and DHT info in torrent peer count
   - Don't use temp files for announces
 * PeerManager: Don't reorganize as often if it takes too long (ticket #765)
 * RequestLeaseSetJob: Only disconnect client after multiple dropped
   lease set requests; reduce timeout, other cleanups
 * Unsigned Update: Fix notification on failure

2012-11-02 kytv
 * German, Portuguese, and Swedish translation updates from Transifex
 * Refreshed English po files to push to TX.

2012-11-02 zzz
 * configstats: Fix group sorting, translate groups
 * I2CP:
   - Better fix for logging dropped messages (ticket #758)
   - Implement fast receive to reduce per-message handshakes
   - Make messageReliability=none the default
 * i2psnark:
   - Split buckets correctly
   - More exploration fixes
 * i2ptunnel:
   - Better privkey backup file name
   - Revert increment of privkey tunnel name
   - Move deleted privkeys to backup dir
   - Fix jsp build dependencies
   - Fix layout issue on Chrome (ticket #757)
 * KeyManager: Eliminate races, buffer I/O, eliminate periodic syncing

2012-10-31 zzz
 * FIFOBandwidthRefiller: Reduce refill interval to smooth output
 * I2CP: Reduce log level when outbound queue is full (ticket #758)
 * i2ptunnel: Fix NPE in zzzot plugin
 * PriBlockingQueue: Enforce max size
 * Streaming: New disableRejectLogging option (default false), enable for snark

2012-10-30 zzz
 * i2psnark:
   - Add kbucket debugging
   - Eliminate redundant explore keys
   - Add more limits to DHT tracker
   - Delay expiration at startup
   - Only enable updates for dev builds and 1% of release builds
 * i2ptunnel:
   - Create backup privkey files (ticket #752)
   - Fix NPE in Android startup
 * Installer: Drop news.xml and old certs
 * logs.jsp:
   - Don't display dup message if last
   - Spacing tweaks
 * OutNetMessage: Properly clean up when dropped by codel (but unused for now
   since codel is disabled for ONM)
 * SSU:
   - Adjust RTT/RTO calculations
   - Better bandwidth tracking
   - Cleanup of OutboundMessageState
   - Stat tweaks
 * StatisticsManager: Publish stats less often
 * Transports: Increase min peer port to 1024
 * Tunnels: Implement per-client outbound tunnel message priority (ticket #719)
 * Update Manager: Warn on dup registration

2012-10-30 sponge
 * cleanups as requested

2012-10-28 zzz
 * Addresses:
   - Add methods for connectivity detection
   - Remove Hamachi restriction
 * Banlist: renamed
 * Clients: New interface for clients started via clients.config, and a new
   manager to track the lifecycle and start/stop clients on demand.
   (ticket #347)
 * Console:
   - Add console password form to configui.jsp
   - Consolidate all the jsp formhandler boilerplate in the new formhandler.jsi
   - Store form handler nonces in the servlet session instead of system properties,
     to prevent cross-session interference
   - Bypass nonces if console password enabled
   - Remove ports from port mapper on shutdown, other changes to
     track actual ports better (ticket #731)
   - Prep for RouterApp interface by storing context in a field,
     shuffle around what's static and what's not (ticket #347)
   - Convert to RouterApp interface
   - Convert from basic to digest authentication (ticket #652)
   - Use new password manager (ticket #731)
 * Core: New password manager for storing passwords in router.config
   in consistent ways, including salting and hashing if possible.
   (ticket #731)
 * i2ptunnel:
   - Convert HTTP and CONNECT proxies from basic to digest authentication
   - Bypass nonces if console password enabled
   - Convert to ClientApp interface
   - Synchronization improvements
 * Streaming: Add pcap debug facility, from i2p.i2p.zzz.pcap
 * Transport:
   - Add a simple network monitor
   - Add new reachability state for network disconnected
   - Prevent any tunnel building when disconnected (ticket #519)
   - Don't unleash watchdog when disconnected
   - Split up NTCPConnection's single _bwRequests Set into inbound and outbound,
     make FIFOBandwithLimiter.Request unidirectional (ticket #719)
 * Update: Major redesign of the update facilities:
   - Generic interfaces for updating and checking things
   - Allow checkers and updaters outside router context
   - Hide update buttons after downloading update (ticket #484)
   - Add update-via-i2psnark facility
   - Don't hold references to updaters after completion

* 2012-10-27 0.9.3 released

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